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Thursday News:

Edo Lawrence and Ben Hazel are teammates in the JSBL. You can see box scores for a pair of their recent contests here (page two) and here (page three).

Jimmy Sherburne is playing in the Milwaukee Pro-Am again this summer.

It appears you can catch Will Barrett and "Gabe Lewellis" as teammates at the DelCo Pro-Am.

While Ian Hummer made the Lakers' Summer League roster, he has yet to get off the bench (a trio of "DNP-Coach's Decision" lines). Perhaps that will change in today's game against Milwaukee.

I have not been following Hans Brase closely as he represents Germany at the U-20 European Championship. Brase's squad plays France tomorrow and will finish somewhere between ninth and 12th place in the 20 team tournament.

A plan for the Ivy League's digital network is becoming clear.

Craig Robinson is heading to China next month.

Howie Levy's son Lior and daughter Mia will keep the family's legacy going at the just-underway Maccabiah Games.

Sydney Johnson discusses Fairfield's recruiting class and summer sessions.

Here's more on Jimmy Lane being named the head coach at Monmouth Regional High School.

Before the All-Star break, Will Venable (video) hit his 11th home run of the season.

Wednesday News:

Jimmy Lane is the new head coach at Monmouth Regional High School.

The Los Angeles Lakers have invited Ian Hummer to join their Summer League team. This does not guarantee a spot on the final roster when games begin on July 12 in Las Vegas, however.

Ben Hazel and Edo Lawrence are slated to participate in the just-underway Jersey Shore Basketball League.

Last week Georgetown's Otto Porter was the third pick in the NBA draft.

A highly regarded forward will join the Hoyas in 2014.

Will Venable has been going "all Louganis" in the outfield this season. Here's video of yet another diving catch.

Alumni Game group photo.

I was urged to stop by Jadwin Gym this afternoon for the annual Reunions Alumni Game and it was great to catch up with some familiar faces, many of a rather recent vintage. Before I split, I was requested to snap a group photo and I've shared it above.

Here's who I recognize/has been ID'd for me from left to right:

Patrick Saunders, Coach Marcus Jenkins, Frank Sowinski, Steve Mills, Edwin Buffmire, Kareem Maddox, John Comfort, Justin Conway, Luke Friedman, Bobby Foley, Coach Dan Geriot, Coach Brian Earl, Noah Savage, Jason Osier, Doug Davis, Kyle Koncz, Aaron Belz, Teddy Gobillot, Howie Levy, Bernie Stiroh, Jesse Rosenfeld, Jay Howson, Jared Katz and Coach Mitch Henderson.

Other former players present while I was around but not pictured: Dan Mavraides, Luke Owings, Jimmy Lane, Conor Neu, Matt Eastwick, Chris Marquardt, Patrick Ekeruo, former assistant Craig Moore and more.

2011 Summer Reading (and listening too).

In addition to this site's weekly in-season interviews with John Thompson III, Joe Scott and Sydney Johnson, has produced numerous pieces with former Princeton players over the past decade+.

The summer struck me as a good time to collect the archived links to all of the Q&As, transcripts, email correspondence and audio files into one post for newer members who might have missed some of these when they originally ran.

I believe this is a complete list, but if I'm missing anyone let me know!

-Bill Bradley
-Mike Brennan
-Pete Carril
-Scott Greenman
-Kyle Koncz
-Nick Lake and Noah Savage
-Jimmy Lane
-Howie Levy
-Kevin "Moon" Mullin
-Ed Persia
-Craig Robinson
-Mason Rocca
-Judson Wallace
-Chris Young and Will Venable

Want more? There's also an interview with "Outside The Limelight" author Kathy Orton.

Finally, from back in the "Catching Up With..." listserv days - conversations with Mitch Henderson, Sean Jackson, Sydney Johnson, Jamie Mastaglio, Frank Sowinski and Mike Stephens.

Columbia pictures.

Photos from today's game courtesy Stephen Goldsmith.

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Reunions 2003 montage.

I completely forgot that I shot and edited this montage for the Friends of Princeton Basketball from Reunions 2003 of the alumni basketball games at Jadwin Gym.

Pictured at different junctures: John Thompson III, Kyle Wente, Ray Robins, Pete Hegseth, Steve Goodrich (with platinum blonde hair!), Jerry Price, Ahmed El-Nokali, Chris Doyal, Jim Lane, Frank Sowinski, Nate Walton, Stu Orefice, Jason Osier, Stan Adleston, Sean Gregory, Gabe Lewullis, Rich Simkus, John Trubee, Christopher Kilburn-Peterson, Jamie Mastaglio, Brian Earl and many others I can't as easily ID.

Two missing Seniors on a Stick.

A site reader graciously informed me that his parents were trying to find a new home for their stack of classic Seniors on a Stick. When I stopped by their house today for pick up they had decided to hold on to a few, including the two missing faces from my near-complete collection.

However, they did let me take snapshots of Jim Lane and George Leftwich's mugs. If someone reading has extras of either, I'd be happy to take them off your hands!

The afternoon was by no means a loss. I walked away with extra "Kit," "Slapper" and "Ivy Champs '89 '90 '91" oversized posters.

Brian Taylor reception pictures.

Photos from last night's postgame reception honoring Brian Taylor courtesy of Stephen Goldsmith.

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Class of '92.

It was almost a year ago that I wrote about Shabbat dinners at my parents' house and brought a stack of 1998 Seniors on a Stick home from their place.

Well, tonight was the final Friday night without a basketball game on my calendar until the end of March, so I had to dig up a couple treats to share after we ate.

Above is a program from the class of 1992's final game at Jadwin Gym. Pictured from left to right are Jimmy Lane, Sean Jackson (Ivy Player of the Year), Chris Marquardt (Academic All-Ivy), George Leftwich (Second Team All-Ivy) and Matt Eastwick (Second Team All-Ivy).

This fivesome graduated as the only class in Ivy League history to make four consecutive NCAA Tournament appearances.

The Tigers would win this game over Brown 58-49 to clinch the team's fourth straight Ivy crown. Sophomore Chris Mooney matched his career high with 19 points.

Click to enlarge.

Jim Lane will not coach at Union after all.

I received the surprising news today that Jim Lane will not be the head coach of Union County College this season. While Lane was announced by the school as its new coach in May, the former Princeton center was unable to work out philosophical differences with UCC before finalizing his contract - despite having already held team meetings, done recruiting and supervising "open gym" scrimmages.

Lane will instead be teaching history at the CREATE Charter Middle School in Jersey City and is looking forward to moving on from this false start.

Wednesday News:

Jim Lane has signed his first recruit at Union County College - Alex Jones from New Jersey state champions St. Patrick's. Here's the press release from Lane and UCC:

Alex Jones is the first high school recruit to commit to joining the Owls for the 2009-2010, and should immediately contribute to the Owls goal of becoming competitive for the league title.  Alex comes to UCC from the heralded St. Patrick High School of Elizabeth, New Jersey program, a perrenial national Top 10 program.  Alex was a member of multiple state championship teams and a leading contributor to St. Patrick's number 1 ranking in New Jersey in the 2008-2009 campaign as they won the NJSIAA Tournament of Champions. "Alex raises the bar for future recruits to our men's program and was our immediate top recruit upon seeing him play; I realized immediately that this young man would have averaged a double-double at almost any other high school in the state, and is ready to play at the college level immediately." said Coach Lane.  Alex will play at the shooting guard and small forward positions for the Owls in the 2009-2010 season and will be vital in handling the basketball against the pressure defenses in Region XIX.

More bad news for the injury-addled Padres. Chris Young will miss his next start with shoulder soreness and is likely headed to the Disabled List.

A 6'9" center from the Chicago suburbs says he has "scholarship offers from Cornell and Princeton."

Speaking of Cornell, Dick "Hoops" Weiss of the New York Daily News reports that Big Red coach Steve Donahue and former Harvard head man Frank Sullivan are two of the names he's hearing mentioned in the search for the next Holy Cross coach, with Donahue leading the list.

Did you know former Princeton forward Conor Neu has a blog covering finance, the environment, and emerging industries? You can check it out here.

An interview with Jim Lane.

I had a chance to speak with new Union County College head coach Jim Lane '92 yesterday afternoon. Lane takes over as head coach of the Owls after four seasons at Westfield High School in northern New Jersey. A transcript of our conversation follows. - JS



Tell me about what you've being doing before getting this job. What let up to this?

I've been coaching in the Westfield, New Jersey school system for the past four years. I was actually an assistant to my high school coach [Neil Horne, Jr.], who is not of Coach Carril's notoriety, but he's very well known in New Jersey. He won four state championships with a lot of guys who can't run and jump like me [laughs].

I had been doing that and got to the point where you're either going to step up and become a head coach or not coach. Once you've being coaching with someone who is that strong of a teacher, probably like many of the guys who coached directly for Coach Carril - at some point you've learned what you can learn, you buy into it but you want to put your own stamp on your own situation. Whereas Coach Carril's offensive brilliance, I learned so much from that when I played at Princeton because it enables guys like me that can't really run and jump to play and to compete against much better athletes, what I learned in high school and the last four years of coaching was very man to man defense-oriented. This is the opportunity for me to put those two things together.

I better do it well, because unlike the other people in Coach Carril's coaching tree, they were all really good players [laughs]. I was just a guy who worked really, really hard. Whether you're talking about Chris Mooney or Joe Scott or Howard Levy, these were guys who got a lot of playing time because they were very, very good basketball players. I knew going into Princeton that I was a borderline Division I player - if that - but I knew that in that system, that sort of brought me over the line. Our success in my new situation is going to be dependent on getting guys to buy into that, guys who were stars on their high school teams. I don't think it is going to be that hard to get them to buy in, because we're trying to get from the best basketball high schools in New Jersey, the fourth, fifth and sixth-best players.

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