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Brown pictures.

Photos from today's game courtesy Robert Solomon.

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Harvard pictures.

Photos from today’s game courtesy Robert Solomon.

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A second archive of classic Princeton photos.

David Zeft, whose photographs were first shared on the site at the start of the month, came up to me on Saturday night at Jadwin Gym carrying a yellow plastic bag filled with a stack of historic shots from the past 30 years of Princeton basketball.

I've scanned an initial octet of images this afternoon, the majority of which follow after the jump. Some serious treats here with more of equal quality to come down the line. I can't thank him enough.

Above, the overflow Selection Sunday crowd for the 1990-91 made-for-CBS regular season finale against Loyola Marymount. Shot taken by climbing a camera stanchion!

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Thursday News:

Fairfield introduced Sydney Johnson as the program's new head coach yesterday. You can watch the full presentation here (video) and read quotes from Johnson's subsequent conversation with the media here.

Former Princeton player Matt Henshon nails many key issues in Johnson's departure from a variety of angles.

The Associated Press, the Connecticut Post, the Fairfield Mirror and the Trenton Times have more.

Current Fairfield Director of Basketball Operations Tyson Wheeler will serve as an assistant coach on Johnson's staff. There is no word on who Johnson's other assistants will be.

In the eyes of Andy Katz it all came down to money. While I personally don't think this was the only factor, Katz makes a few sound points.

Yale's James Jones and several returning Fairfield players share their impressions of Coach Johnson.

Chris Young joined ESPN 1050 after his first win for the Mets.

Wednesday News:

There's an unexpected report out there about Sydney Johnson and the open coaching position at Fairfield. When I first read about this possibility I was surprised, until I learned that the school's president is a Princeton alum. Will try and get more information today.

A poem about Will Venable in the style of Walt Whitman?

More quotes by Matt Henshon from Harvard Law School's Sports Law Symposium.

Monday News:

A day after speaking with Georgia Tech about their open coaching position, Chris Mooney signed a 10 year extension at Richmond that runs through the 2021 season.

The Yellow Jackets retained the services of Dayton coach Brian Gregory instead.

Elsewhere on the merry-go-round, Kent State's Geno Ford is the new head coach of the Bradley Braves.

Former Princeton player Matt Henshon is quoted in a piece on the legal problems posed by athletes' concussions.

A senior from southern Georgia claims to have an offer from Princeton among other schools.

Here's audio of Chris Young talking to reporters after his last start.

Columbia pictures.

Photos from today's game courtesy Stephen Goldsmith.

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Assorted programs.

Simple math: Exam break x snow = a morning spent scanning old Princeton programs.

Above, Chris Mooney, Laura Leacy and Mike Brennan. This game was played four days after the 25th anniversary of Jadwin Gym's opening.

Seven additional covers follow the jump, plus details about a few of these games.

Click on any and all images to enlarge.

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Princeton Tigers on Twitter?

While Princetonians haven't taken to Twitter with the same zeal of their conference rivals at Cornell and Harvard or the constantly-posting Hoyas of Georgetown, there are still a decent number of former, current and future Tigers using this popular real time micro-blogging service.

I've assembled a comprehensive list of orange and black Twitter users after the jump. If you know of anyone I'm missing, please let me know and I'll add them to the list ASAP. Many of these accounts are inactive or rarely used, but click away.

While you're networking socially you can always follow this site on the Twitter.

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The front and back covers of Princeton Alumni Weekly's December 20, 1989 Ivy League Basketball Preview. Click to see the full-sized version.

From left to right on the floor for the Tigers: Matt Henshon (#35), George Leftwich (#22), Troy Hottenstein (#12), Kit Mueller (#00) and Matt Eastwick (#55).

Assorted programs.

This afternoon's flash thunderstorm means less time spent weeding the front walk and more time spent scanning Princeton basketball programs from the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Anyone know when Sean Jackson wore #31 during a game at Jadwin Gym? My guess was a JV game his "freshman" year, but the cheerleaders in the background poke holes in this theory.

Seven additional images after the jump.

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"Carril Court" ceremony pictures.

Photos of Saturday night's "Carril Court" halftime ceremony. Assistance naming all of the former players in attendence would be greatly appreciated.

Pictures courtesy of Stephen Goldsmith.

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