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Bucknell pictures.

An assortment of super photos from today's game courtesy Stephen Goldsmith.

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Throwback Thursday: Late 70s & early 80s programs.

Hello and welcome to this week's "Throwback Thursday." After the jump you'll find 14 separate scans spanning 1979-1982, culled from seven different programs including player profiles and some vintage ads. Click on any image to enlarge, and feel free to share related memories in the comments or on our forum.

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Throwback Thursday: 1980s programs.

Last week's first ever "Throwback Thursday" focusing on a collection of Bill Bradley-related artifacts has inspired me to give it another go today. If anything it means that some items I've been long-overdue to file will finally get put away out of sight!

This time out we're looking at assorted early 1980s programs. A cross-section of covers, interesting photos and player profiles can be all found after the jump.

Click on any image to enlarge, and feel free to share memories from any of these games in the comments.

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YouTube potpourri LXXI.

Here’s the latest collection of videos from various corners of the Princeton basketball family. Above, Craig Robinson is interviewed before Oregon State's graduation.

A diverse eight additional videos follow after the jump.

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Tuesday News:

You may be seeing new variations of the above image rather soon. Building off a successful six+ inning start for St. Lucie, Chris Young has been transferred to AAA Buffalo and will pitch for them Thursday morning.

Incoming Princeton freshman Michael Washington, Jr. and his Oak Harbor High School DECA team won their second straight national title.

Kevin "Moon" Mullin will speak at the Courier-Post/Kiwanis Scholar-Athlete Awards Banquet on June 13th.

Here's an article on how John Thompson III has developed big men at Georgetown.

In praise of Will Venable who hit his fourth home run of the season (video) at Wrigley Field yesterday.

The Harvard Crimson's Dennis Zheng was one of my favorite student reporters the past four years. His final column can be found here.

Last (for now) batch of classic Princeton photos.

Mondays have become a good time on this site to look into the past, and the previous three weeks that has meant scanning photographs from the archives of David Zeft.

This is the last stack that Mr. Zeft loaned to me and includes shots from between 1981 and (roughly) 1993. Click on any scan to enlarge.

Above, Kit Mueller with a righty hook during Princeton's December 1990 victory in the championship game of Iona's on-campus Manufacturers Hanover Classic.

Eight more images after the jump. I'll need help identifying a number of players in some of the team celebrations. That's where you come in!

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An incredible archive of Princeton photos.

While yesterday's tussle at The Palestra did not go as hoped, there was one great thing that came out of a Monday night trip to Philadelphia. Through sheer happenstance, my mom found herself seated next to David Zeft, who used to shoot photographs at Princeton games.

Zeft was kind enough to send me some selections from his collection today and I'm delighted to present this first batch of images to you.

Above Craig Robinson is going in for a layup above with a young Jay Wright (#14) watching under the basket. This was likely in the 1982-83 season opener.

Six more photos follow after the jump.

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Scans from a 1983 program.

Rich Simkus.

As I mentioned previously, a subscriber recently handed me a stack of late 1970s and early 1980s Princeton basketball programs, which I'll be scanning portions of as time allows - hopefully one a week.

I already posted images from the 1981-82 media guide I was gifted but here's the first in this series to share.

This pair of games were significant for completely unrelated reasons, which I discuss after the jump. It is also neat to see images of players in action I've only heard tale of and some of the archival designs are a treat.

Click on any picture to enlarge. Check out the site's extensive Programs category for past scans.

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1981-82 media guide.

Those are some pants.

A subscriber recently handed me a stack of late 1970s and early 1980s Princeton basketball programs, which I'll hopefully be scanning portions of in the weeks to come.

In addition he included a copy of the Tigers' media guide from exactly 30 seasons ago. See some archival photographs (and other items that caught my attention flipping through) after the jump. Click any and all to enlarge.

Several of the guide's graphics I did not include here are already shown in this piece on a Jadwin Gym program from the same time.

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YouTube potpourri LV.

Here's the latest collection of videos from various corners of the Princeton basketball family. Above, Basketball Talk 101 with Kevin "Moon" Mullin.

Six additional clips after the jump.

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Thursday News:

What teams from the past five seasons were most similar to the 2010-11 Princeton Tigers?

It shouldn't be a huge surprise that the 14-Game Tournament is already the first with an extensive draft preview of next season.

The Tigers opening with Rutgers at home and Drexel on the road? Not going to happen, but that's what the ScheduleMatic algorithm generated.

The Princeton Packet has more on Kareem Maddox's overseas signing.

A member of the 1952 EIBL champion Princeton team, Donald Marshall passed away Saturday at the age of 79.

Idriss Omboumbou, who played for Howie Levy at Mercer County Community College, died unexpectedly in his sleep a few days ago. A memorial service will be held this weekend. They're trying to raise money so Omboumbou can be buried in his native Gabon.

You can watch more of Douglas Davis and Kit Mueller in DelCo Pro-Am summer league action here and here.

Kevin "Moon" Mullin now has a blog.

A high school senior committed to Duquesne was "also recruited by Dartmouth and Princeton."

Sydney Johnson made a Yahoo! Sports list of Best Mid-Major Coaches. Richmond's Chris Mooney is also in this field of 16.

Elsewhere on Yahoo!, a contributor's Best NBA Players from Ivy League Colleges features four former Tigers in their top seven.

While I was on vacation the last week I updated the site's list of Princeton Tigers on Twitter, which now includes over 30 different current and former players to follow.

Finally, a Town Topics piece on Craig Robinson's son Avery, who is playing in the Princeton Summer League.

2011 Summer Reading (and listening too).

In addition to this site's weekly in-season interviews with John Thompson III, Joe Scott and Sydney Johnson, has produced numerous pieces with former Princeton players over the past decade+.

The summer struck me as a good time to collect the archived links to all of the Q&As, transcripts, email correspondence and audio files into one post for newer members who might have missed some of these when they originally ran.

I believe this is a complete list, but if I'm missing anyone let me know!

-Bill Bradley
-Mike Brennan
-Pete Carril
-Scott Greenman
-Kyle Koncz
-Nick Lake and Noah Savage
-Jimmy Lane
-Howie Levy
-Kevin "Moon" Mullin
-Ed Persia
-Craig Robinson
-Mason Rocca
-Judson Wallace
-Chris Young and Will Venable

Want more? There's also an interview with "Outside The Limelight" author Kathy Orton.

Finally, from back in the "Catching Up With..." listserv days - conversations with Mitch Henderson, Sean Jackson, Sydney Johnson, Jamie Mastaglio, Frank Sowinski and Mike Stephens.

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