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Throwback Thursday: 1979-80 color photos.

Losing power for three days (happy to report both light and hot water have returned as of this evening), I only just now realized it was Thursday. What better time to share an amazing batch of 18 color photos from the 1979 and 1980 that David Zeft recently unearthed?

Zeft shot these images - which were previously a stack of slides - from the sidelines and stands at Jadwin Gym while attending games with his family.

I have ID'd players to the best of my ability but any further details in the comments would be greatly appreciated.

That's John Rogers (#32) shooting from the top of the key above with Randy Melville (#21) boxing out and Bob Roma (#40) on the wing. You can click on any image to enlarge.

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Last (for now) batch of classic Princeton photos.

Mondays have become a good time on this site to look into the past, and the previous three weeks that has meant scanning photographs from the archives of David Zeft.

This is the last stack that Mr. Zeft loaned to me and includes shots from between 1981 and (roughly) 1993. Click on any scan to enlarge.

Above, Kit Mueller with a righty hook during Princeton's December 1990 victory in the championship game of Iona's on-campus Manufacturers Hanover Classic.

Eight more images after the jump. I'll need help identifying a number of players in some of the team celebrations. That's where you come in!

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Another stack of vintage Princeton photos.

Finally back home with a touch of free time after covering three games the previous three days, I'm chuffed to share with you nine additional photographs ranging between 1980 and 1993 from the collection of David Zeft. Click on any scan to enlarge.

Above, Kit Mueller cuts down the nets at Jadwin Gym after the 1989-90 season finale (you can see part of a Matt Lapin "Senior On A Stick" in the background).

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More classic Princeton photos.

I'm delighted to share with you 11 additional photographs from the collection of David Zeft, the majority of which are from mid-1990s games at The Palestra. Some in this set do also date from the early 1980s.

Click any and all to enlarge. Above, a driving Jamie Mastaglio with Pete Carril, Bill Carmody, Armond Hill and Joe Scott watching from behind the referee on the bench.

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A second archive of classic Princeton photos.

David Zeft, whose photographs were first shared on the site at the start of the month, came up to me on Saturday night at Jadwin Gym carrying a yellow plastic bag filled with a stack of historic shots from the past 30 years of Princeton basketball.

I've scanned an initial octet of images this afternoon, the majority of which follow after the jump. Some serious treats here with more of equal quality to come down the line. I can't thank him enough.

Above, the overflow Selection Sunday crowd for the 1990-91 made-for-CBS regular season finale against Loyola Marymount. Shot taken by climbing a camera stanchion!

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An incredible archive of Princeton photos.

While yesterday's tussle at The Palestra did not go as hoped, there was one great thing that came out of a Monday night trip to Philadelphia. Through sheer happenstance, my mom found herself seated next to David Zeft, who used to shoot photographs at Princeton games.

Zeft was kind enough to send me some selections from his collection today and I'm delighted to present this first batch of images to you.

Above Craig Robinson is going in for a layup above with a young Jay Wright (#14) watching under the basket. This was likely in the 1982-83 season opener.

Six more photos follow after the jump.

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On the wall at Conte's... a picture by David Zeft of the Princeton coaching staff during the 1995-96 basketball season - Bill Carmody, Joe Scott, John Thompson III and Pete Carril.

It is a picture of four men that to-date have combined for 1036 wins as collegiate head coaches, the three assistants close to collectively equalling their mentor's 525 wins.

It is a picture of four men that manned the sidelines for an even 700 victories as head coaches at Princeton (against 363 losses - a winning percentage of .659), and who are together responsible for all but 19 of the Tigers' wins since 1967.

Thanks to the eagle-eyed reader who got permission to take this photograph off the wall, bring it home and scan it!