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Throwback Thursday: 1979-80 color photos.

Losing power for three days (happy to report both light and hot water have returned as of this evening), I only just now realized it was Thursday. What better time to share an amazing batch of 18 color photos from the 1979 and 1980 that David Zeft recently unearthed?

Zeft shot these images - which were previously a stack of slides - from the sidelines and stands at Jadwin Gym while attending games with his family.

I have ID'd players to the best of my ability but any further details in the comments would be greatly appreciated.

That's John Rogers (#32) shooting from the top of the key above with Randy Melville (#21) boxing out and Bob Roma (#40) on the wing. You can click on any image to enlarge.

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Throwback Thursday: Late 70s & early 80s programs.

Hello and welcome to this week's "Throwback Thursday." After the jump you'll find 14 separate scans spanning 1979-1982, culled from seven different programs including player profiles and some vintage ads. Click on any image to enlarge, and feel free to share related memories in the comments or on our forum.

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Throwback Thursday: 1980s programs.

Last week's first ever "Throwback Thursday" focusing on a collection of Bill Bradley-related artifacts has inspired me to give it another go today. If anything it means that some items I've been long-overdue to file will finally get put away out of sight!

This time out we're looking at assorted early 1980s programs. A cross-section of covers, interesting photos and player profiles can be all found after the jump.

Click on any image to enlarge, and feel free to share memories from any of these games in the comments.

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Last (for now) batch of classic Princeton photos.

Mondays have become a good time on this site to look into the past, and the previous three weeks that has meant scanning photographs from the archives of David Zeft.

This is the last stack that Mr. Zeft loaned to me and includes shots from between 1981 and (roughly) 1993. Click on any scan to enlarge.

Above, Kit Mueller with a righty hook during Princeton's December 1990 victory in the championship game of Iona's on-campus Manufacturers Hanover Classic.

Eight more images after the jump. I'll need help identifying a number of players in some of the team celebrations. That's where you come in!

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More classic Princeton photos.

I'm delighted to share with you 11 additional photographs from the collection of David Zeft, the majority of which are from mid-1990s games at The Palestra. Some in this set do also date from the early 1980s.

Click any and all to enlarge. Above, a driving Jamie Mastaglio with Pete Carril, Bill Carmody, Armond Hill and Joe Scott watching from behind the referee on the bench.

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Scans from a 1983 program.

Rich Simkus.

As I mentioned previously, a subscriber recently handed me a stack of late 1970s and early 1980s Princeton basketball programs, which I'll be scanning portions of as time allows - hopefully one a week.

I already posted images from the 1981-82 media guide I was gifted but here's the first in this series to share.

This pair of games were significant for completely unrelated reasons, which I discuss after the jump. It is also neat to see images of players in action I've only heard tale of and some of the archival designs are a treat.

Click on any picture to enlarge. Check out the site's extensive Programs category for past scans.

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1981-82 media guide.

Those are some pants.

A subscriber recently handed me a stack of late 1970s and early 1980s Princeton basketball programs, which I'll hopefully be scanning portions of in the weeks to come.

In addition he included a copy of the Tigers' media guide from exactly 30 seasons ago. See some archival photographs (and other items that caught my attention flipping through) after the jump. Click any and all to enlarge.

Several of the guide's graphics I did not include here are already shown in this piece on a Jadwin Gym program from the same time.

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Reunions 2003 montage.

I completely forgot that I shot and edited this montage for the Friends of Princeton Basketball from Reunions 2003 of the alumni basketball games at Jadwin Gym.

Pictured at different junctures: John Thompson III, Kyle Wente, Ray Robins, Pete Hegseth, Steve Goodrich (with platinum blonde hair!), Jerry Price, Ahmed El-Nokali, Chris Doyal, Jim Lane, Frank Sowinski, Nate Walton, Stu Orefice, Jason Osier, Stan Adleston, Sean Gregory, Gabe Lewullis, Rich Simkus, John Trubee, Christopher Kilburn-Peterson, Jamie Mastaglio, Brian Earl and many others I can't as easily ID.

At the buzzer in Corvallis, 1983.

I model myself an amateur archivist and take pride in being a thorough researcher, so a discovery like the above photo was all I needed to start digging up details on what happened prior to the final buzzer of Princeton's 56-53 victory over 19th-ranked Oklahoma State in the 1983 NCAA Tournament.

Princeton had already shut down North Carolina A&T 53-41 for their 10th straight win behind 18 from Gordon Enderle and 15 for Ivy League Player of the Year Craig Robinson in a preliminary round of the tournament to set up their meeting with OSU.

There's much to love if you click to enlarge this image shot off the endline of Gill Colliseum in Corvalis, Oregon - from the agape hug on the far right to the joy of the unknown player rushing alone to half court still wearing his warm-up pants to Pete Carril's blase' gesture with his right hand as he shuffles towards the Cowboys' bench.

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Sunday News:

Chris Young tossed a sideline session on Saturday and is on pace to return to the Padres' rotation on Tuesday against Arizona.

Will Venable is interviewed for a piece on former Novato Knicks trying to make it to the major leagues.

Princeton coaches will be scouting talent at the inaugural Desert Duel Memorial this week.

Town Topics recaps Rich Simkus' induction into the Princeton Summer League Hall of Fame.

Richmond's leading scorer, Dan Geriot will likely miss the 2008-09 season after suffering a knee injury in summer league play.

Tuesday News:

Noah Savage was a guest speaker at Montgomery High School's basketball camp.

Princeton Summer League Hall of Fame inductee Rick Simkus reflects on 18 seasons of games at Community Park.

In NBA Summer League action, Judson Wallace started at forward for the Phoenix Suns, scoring two points. Wallace made his only field goal attempt in 18 minutes of play, a lefty jump hook in traffic. The Suns blew a late lead and fell 100-97 to Houston.

Will Venable is hitting .393 with runners in scoring position for the Portland Beavers.

Thursday News:

Tonight, Chris Young faces the Phillies for the first time as a Padre. Philadelphia visits San Diego for a four game series. First pitch is scheduled for 10:05 pm ET.

Will Venable was 0-5 in San Antonio's 4-1 victory over Frisco.

The Princeton Summer League completed its regular season schedule last night. defeated George's Roasters & Ribs. Rich Simkus tallied nine points for George's, who finished play with a 4-4 record. The playoffs start Sunday evening at Community Park.

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