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"The 21 Best Quotes Of The Pete Carril Era."

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a large box of media guides that a site member generously donated.

While adding the 1994-95 prospectus to my collection, I noticed that three of its pages were dedicated to favorite (clean) quips from coach Pete Carril, who was still two seasons away from his retirement.

I've transcribed this list of wise, funny, profound and eminently quotable lines after the jump. Feel free to add your best Carril declarations (of any rating) in the comments.

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YouTube potpourri LXIV.

While it may drive me nuts when Princeton players call me "Mr. Solomon," I accept that am an adult.

Yet on Saturday afternoon at the conclusion of the Northwestern/Iowa game from which you can watch highlights above, I found myself lying face down on my living room floor at the base of my television like a petulant child throwing a tantrum, fists pounding on the ground unable to take the emotional torture that the Wildcats have pulled me through this season anymore.

...and this was after they won.

From what my inbox tells me, I'm not alone in my suffering. Here’s the latest collection of videos from various corners of the Princeton basketball family.

Five more clips after the jump.

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A second archive of classic Princeton photos.

David Zeft, whose photographs were first shared on the site at the start of the month, came up to me on Saturday night at Jadwin Gym carrying a yellow plastic bag filled with a stack of historic shots from the past 30 years of Princeton basketball.

I've scanned an initial octet of images this afternoon, the majority of which follow after the jump. Some serious treats here with more of equal quality to come down the line. I can't thank him enough.

Above, the overflow Selection Sunday crowd for the 1990-91 made-for-CBS regular season finale against Loyola Marymount. Shot taken by climbing a camera stanchion!

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John Thompson III in action (among other plays).

There's plenty of video evidence of John Thompson III coaching basketball, but hardly any out there of Thompson playing basketball.

A pair of recent uploads to YouTube show JTIII scoring and getting fouled, part of a quartet of layups I'm posting today. Above's clip is from Princeton's 62-49 win over Lafayette in January of 1986.

Also on the floor: Alan Williams (#24), Joe Scott (#4) and Bob Scrabis (#34).

Three more clips after the jump. I believe they're all from the same game.

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YouTube potpourri XXXVIII.

On Friday I hoped that there might be more videos to come from the individual who has been posting short Princeton highlights from the late 1980s. Wish granted!

Above you'll see Bob Scrabis (#34) finding Alan Williams (#24) for a bucket and the foul in the Tigers' 89-70 loss versus Seton Hall at South Mountain Arena early in the 1986-87 season. Mike Harnum (#30), Joe Scott (#4) and John Thompson III (#22) are also on the floor for the orange and black.

Five clips after the jump, including additional black and white Princeton footage, a recruiting video and Will Venable signing autographs.

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1986 Princeton basketball video.

The same individual who posted 15 different Princeton basketball clips from the 1980s last year has just uploaded one more.

As best I can tell this play comes from an 89-70 loss at Seton Hall in the second contest of the 1986-87 season. John Thompson III (#22) starts with the ball and passes to who I believe is Dave Orlandini (#21). Thompson drops to the right corner and lobs a pass for Alan Williams (#24).

I am unsure about the identities of the other two players on far side of the floor. One is wearing a single digit so it could certainly be that season's captain, Joe Scott (#4). The other is quite possibly Bob Scrabis (#34). Any guesses?

Repost: My first Ivy road trip.

With Princeton heading out on their final Ivy road trip of the season, the time seemed appropriate to re-share a piece I wrote in April of last year about the Tigers' 1989 visit to Dartmouth and Harvard. Princeton clinched the Ivy crown on the Crimson's floor, the orange and black's first championship in five years - a scenario many reading would very much like to see duplicated this weekend. If you enjoy the following, I'd also recommend a subsequent story entitled Crewcuts. - JS

I don't remember how I talked them into it, but on the first Saturday of March in 1989, I somehow convinced my parents (and extremely skeptical younger sister) that we should load up the car and go to the Princeton/Harvard game outside Boston as a family.

We didn't head all the way up to Dartmouth the previous night, where the Big Green had been victorious 53-43 over the Tigers. Now the losers of two straight, Princeton needed to win their final conference game to claim the program's first Ivy League championship in five years.

A loss to the Crimson (who beat the Tigers by six at Jadwin Gym a month previous) combined with a Dartmouth win over Penn and the two teams would end the season tied at 10-4 for the 1988-89 Ivy crown.

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Assorted programs.

Finally had the time this afternoon to scan a decent stack of Princeton basketball programs from the 1980s and 1990s, including few more players I didn't have photos of previously. Click on any and all images to enlarge.

The above is from a men's/women's basketball doubleheader to open the 1995-96 home slate. No idea whose hand that is, but it is also in color on the back of the same season's media guide.

Nine additional images after the jump.

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YouTube potpourri VII.

A hodgepodge of videos from various corners of the Princeton basketball family that don't fit anywhere else starting with archival footage of John Thompson III (#22) feeding Alan Williams (#24) for a bucket inside. Given the existence of the three point line, this is likely from the 1986-87 season, but I can't make out the opponent. Other players on the floor - Joe Scott (#4) and Bob Scrabis (#34).

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Bob Scrabis, New Jersey Net?

In October 1989, five months after playing his final game in Jadwin Gym, former Princeton guard Bob Scrabis returned to the Tigers' home court as a member of the New Jersey Nets training camp - postponing a trip to England after receiving an invitation from Nets GM Willis Reed.

Asked about Scrabis and Yale's Paul Maley '88, who was also in the Nets' camp, New Jersey head coach Bill Fitch told the Trenton Times: "I think it's great that they're here. I know that Bob, playing for the guy with the cigars, what's his name? Pete something? I know I won't have to teach him any fundamentals. I know he'll have been the best coached guy out there. They have a chance. They can obviously play, otherwise they wouldn't be here."

Scrabis strained his hamstring on the second day of camp and was waived nine days later.

Assorted programs.

While I'm waiting for another $0.99 eBay gem to arrive in the mail, enjoy covers of 10 programs from games at Jadwin Gym during the late 1980s and early 1990s, including images of several Princeton players I didn't have on file.

Norbert Valis, Chris Pavlic and Troy Hottenstein, anyone?

Above, then-sophomore forward Matt Eastwick. Nine additional images after the jump. Click any program to enlarge.

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Thursday News:

Like Gabe Lewullis, John Rogers (center) is also in Sports Illustrated's "Where Are They Now?" issue. Rogers can be found in a special section about YouTube sensations.

Bob Scrabis gets a brief mention in the same SI as part of "Men Of The Moment," which updates the lives of significant players from the last quarter century of NCAA Tournaments. Unfortunately, the picture accompanying Scrabis' blurb is actually one of Kit Mueller!

Northwestern is off to a good start with their 2012 recruiting class.

The Wildcats' Alex Marcotullio averaged 13.9 ppg for Great Britain at the FIBA U20 European Championship.

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