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Field Trip! - Dia: Beacon.

To continue my failed attempts at combining weekends of wall-to-wall basketball with actual culture, we stopped at Dia: Beacon on the way back to Brooklyn. It was fantastic, even if they wouldn't let me take pictures in the giant gallery spaces.

At Cornell.

Senior night.

Captain Terrific is not the best of nicknames.

Excited Cornell fans.

Jon Berger.

Best seat in the house, or so they claim.

Andre Logan.

This sign was used early and often in the second half.

"Directory assistance, please. Could I have the number for a Joe DeMayo? D-e-M-a-y-o. Thank you. I'll hold."

Tattoo peakin' through.

Mike "Iceman" Derosier with Will Venable

Greetings from Ithaca.

At Columbia.

Can it really be Friday?

Formerly a squash court.

New bleachers.

Halftime dance troupe. They perfomed to an Elvis medley, I believe.


Judson Wallace at the line.


Princeton's postgame interviews take place next to this court.

Field Trip! - May the Schwartz be with you.

A tribute to the final LIU Blackbirds game played at the old Paramount Theater, one of the most unique gyms in all of college basketball.


Finish forward Esa Maki-Tulokas on the line.

Tricycle race gone wrong.

Behind the bleachers.

They had commemorative shirts on sale.


A security guard let me sneak up into the balcony to take some pictures.

Where I found, but did not eat, the following. Carbon-dating should provide more information.

I don't believe #45 did this tag.

Blackbirds win.

After the game, a group photograph.

If it hadn't been snowing, I would have enjoyed a slice of celebratory postgame cheesecake across the street.

Field Trip! - The Gates.

On the heels of four basketball games in three days, next up on the agenda was Central Park on a snowy Monday afternoon to celebrate my Dad's birthday. Just what this site needs: More orange.

Other popular gates:

Field Trip! - Sunday in New York.

After Princeton's win over the Bears, it was off to Madsion Square Garden in the morning to check in with Coach Thompson's Georgetown Hoyas.

Traveling in style. Unfortunately, this bus was warmed up earlier than planned.

Saint John's player introductions. Sadly, no lasers.

Georgetown bench.

While it would take too long to explain what is pictured, trust me when I say it was markedly better than the St. John's Dance Team's halftime routine, performed to a Billy Joel medley.

After the final buzzer they took the court apart.

Saturday in Providence.

After driving back to Mercer County to coach a Lawrenceville Heat game first thing Saturday morning (we won 17-6) and having my car break down at the Vince Lombardi service area we made it to Brown without further hassle.

The evening's lunch and dinner. East Side Pockets falafel. Tastes just as good after a victory as it does a loss.

To put this in context, we're talking 'The Hoagie Haven of falafel,' people.

For those who critique attendence at Jadwin, here's the Brown student section at tipoff.

National anthem.

The painting of Kevin McHale in the lobby of the Pizzitola Sports Center remains as creepy as always.

You're on my list now Lombardi, right there with J.J. Jumper.

Friday in New Haven.

Made great time up to Yale, so we were able to go to three different museums and one different burrito place before the game.

She's got perfect form and a nice follow-through.

Inside Payne-Whitney.

The Princeton band made the trip for the fourth straight season.

Obstructed view.

Return of Soulman.

For the thousands* of readers who demanded a picture of AFL mascot Soulman at Jadwin Gym, enjoy.

*If unique site visit totals use commas instead of decimal points.

Various photos.

Some additional images from last two weeks.

Team Solomon
Team Solomon at Harvard.


Andre Logan
Andre Logan.

Sad Kids
Sad kids.

Happier Kids
Happier kids.


Why won't you mascots play defense?

Coach Scott and Noah Savage.

Two well-dressed fans.

Adoring public
The adoring public beckons.

Robert Solomon
Unofficial team photographer.

Career Highlight of 2005.

The 2004-2005 Lawrenceville Heat
(L to R) Coach Mullen, Bryan, Brad, Brandon, D'Andre, David, Daniel, Alex, Joey, Tim*, Portrait of the Author as a Coach.

This year, when I haven't been at Jadwin, in the shower or sleeping, I have been coaching 11 and 12 year olds in rec. league basketball. It is my first time coaching on any level, save for trying to tell people in pickup games back in Chicago that they need to cut when they're standing still. On this past Saturday afternoon my team (the appropriately orange-clad Heat) defeated the previously unbeaten Cavs 27-24. There's no feeling like nine kids of various sizes finally buying into every little thing you've been talking about in practice each week, if only for thirty-two minutes with a running clock.

Seeing and hearing the kids on the other team start to fight with each other as we stuck with our stuff and confused them on defense for the entire game was easily my greatest personal sports highlight (since winning the obstacle course in third grade).

We're 7-2 on the season with one game to play.

*Who told me when I was handed this picture "I look like a zombie." His Dad is the only Heat parent to wear a Misfits sweatshirt on gameday, which is sort of awesome.

Mascot night.


The most exciting night of the year at Jadwin Gym.

(L to R) Boomer, Mad Dog, Tiger.

Nicole caught a Somerset Patriots t-shirt, or rather, a shirt fell smack in her lap while she was least expecting it. First time in four seasons that anything has been thrown remotely in our direction.

The annual halftime "game."

(L to R) Some sort of Raccoon, Tiger, Boomer, Mad Dog, Holy Cow, Sparky.

Also taking part but not pictured: The Philadelphia Soul's Soulman - Less annoying than J.J. Jumper but as annoying as Dan Ackroyd.

Harrison Schaen
Harrison Schaen, not as interested in mascots, watches his once and future teammates.

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