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Pow! Crash! Thud!

This kid has job security.

Senior Night.

There were no "seniors on a stick" at Jadwin on Tuesday but both of these signs were really nice to see.

The seniors weren't the only guys honored for their service.

The scene before tipoff. The walk from the parking lot was unpleasant.

To quote Buzz Aldrin...

Second comes right after first!

The Lawrenceville Heat finished my first season of youth basketball coaching with an 8-2 record, winning our last two games 17-6 and 27-11. In the first of these games the opposition didn't score until there were three minutes left in the third quarter. In the second game we finished the morning on an 18-2 run. Couldn't be prouder of my guys.

Everyone got a trophy. I think I was more excited than any of the kids.

The rare documentation of a drawn-up play.

"(series of cliches and stolen catch phrases)"

Why is D'Andre playing peek-a-boo? Anyone?

Thank you, seniors.

(L to R) Mike Stephens, Will Venable, honorary senior Scott Greenman, Judson Wallace, Andre Logan and Jon Berger.

Plus one.

Will Venable is now a single point away from becoming the 26th player in Princeton basketball history to score one thousand for his career.

Dartmouth game.

Noah Savage defends David Gardner.

The firm of Derosier, Fitzgerald, Newsom, Levy, Brennan and Scott.

Waiting for the 1965 Final Four team to take the court.

Here they come!

There they are.

Bill Bradley and WHWH's Dan Loney talk at halftime.

The Tiger was on to me.

The game was more exciting than this picture might indicate.

Harvard game.

On the way up from the media room.

Some guy, Tiger. Tiger, some guy.

Jon Berger runs the point.

More pictures.

Three random photos from this season that didn't get developed until now.

Max Schafer working on his best Terry Taylor impersonation.

Someone got a haircut.

And when he did, he took pictures of some Princeton team photos on the barber shop wall. The first is from 2001-2002, and is a reminder of how fast time passes. Look how young some of these guys are, and it was only three years ago.

The second picture is a Carril team I didn't recognize (which has since been identified as the 1977 squad with Bob Slaughter holding the basketball). There was also a photo of one of the Mueller/Leftwich/Eastwick squads up, but my shots came out way too blurry.

Next haircut, perhaps.