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Former Princeton basketball standout Chris Young pitched at Yankee Stadium on Friday, April 22nd and was there. As a boyhood Yankees fan, it was strange to take the subway to the Bronx and root for the visiting team, but by the end of the night I was used to it.

Because there was no clear policy posted on if you could take photographs while the game was taking place, most of these snapshots are pretty covert.

Things I wish I had been able to take pictures of:

-Bob Shepard's plaid pants.
-The visiting locker room's collection of VHS tapes.
-The secret "media only" concession stand with $1.00 hotdogs and $0.75 pretzels.

The view from the pressbox.

49 degrees at first pitch. Heat lamp kept me warm.

The office behind my seat.

Tribute to Bob Shepard.

Entrance to the Rangers' dugout.

RIP Eddie Layton.

The Hammond organ.

Follow this stripe to the visiting locker room.

While $200,000,000 sounds like a lot for salary, think of all the money the Yankees
have saved the past four seasons by not having to update their signage.