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Lafayette 57 Princeton 46.

Two days after Thanksgiving the Tigers came out flatter than this delicious pumpkin dark chocolate tart.

(Man, I am really running out of new things to take pictures of at Jadwin.)

Princeton 64 Lehigh 54.

Before the game, a trip to the Crayola Factory.

You could make your own gingerbread puppet.

You could try out different types of chalk on a replica of a city street.

You could get your picture taken with Big Red Crayon.

Coach Carril was featured prominently in the display of famous Lafayette alums.

You would think an Engineer might be able to level this sign properly.

Brown and Lehigh were playing a women's basketball game when we arrived.

Drexel 54 Princeton 41.

The less said about this game the better.

Jadwin Jungle 2005: White is the new orange.

Why the government would allow the NIT to genetically modify a piece of fruit so it is half-apple, half-basketball is beyond me.

Select-A-Seat 2005.