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Carnegie Mellon 51 Princeton 46.


Double yoy.

Stanford 58 Princeton 34.

I strongly believe Pete Gillen was using telekenisis to try and sell me a used car throughout last night's CSTV broadcast.

Wake Forest 61 Princeton 42.

My Bathroom with Rick Majerus - A play in one act
By Jon Solomon


Int. Media Men's Room - thirty minutes after the end of a basketball game.

JON SOLOMON enters the rest room from stage right. ESPN analyst RICK MAJERUS is already in the bathroom at the urinal.

Majerus: My fly is stuck. I'm not trying to flash you.

Solomon (entering stall): I didn't think you were, but thanks for the heads up!

Majerus: Greensboro Airport! Do you think I can make it there in thirty minutes?

Solomon: I'm from New Jersey. I don't know.

Marjerus: New Jersey? You covering Princeton?

Solomon: Yes.

Majerus: Those kids played their asses off tonight.

Solomon: Given that Greenman is hurt and Owings is sick...

Majerus (interrupting): In three years they'll challenge Penn for the Ivy title.

Solomon: Well, they're not as bad as they played against Monmouth but they're not as...

Majerus: Gotta go. See ya!

Rick Majerus quickly exits stage right.


Solomon: ...good as they were against... [trails off]


The end.

It is like Monmouth all over again.

Muggsy Bogues' retired jersey.

A comely lass watches Wake Forest warm up.

Because the Wake Forest students were on break, preteens in Demon Deacon cheerleading outfits entertained the crowd during time outs.

Should the same school that brought us Rodney Rodgers be allowed to have this much Krispy Kreme sponsorship?

Monmouth 41 Princeton 21.

As a salute to the victorious visitors from the east, allow me to present some famous hawks.

Please do not make me choose which of these above I would most want to listen to for an hour straight on my radio.

Princeton 59 Wyoming 50.

If you had told me during the summer that Princeton would start a lineup of Kevin Steuerer, Patrick Ekeruo, Geoff Kestler, Kyle Koncz and Noah Savage against Wyoming, I'm guessing my immediate response would have been "bird flu?"

Always happy to be pleasantly surprised.

Temple 60 Princeton 47.

Temple Coach John Chaney on Mardy Collins:

"I know he can't make it to the next level. Everybody's on him wherever he goes. When someone's watching - it's almost like a woman. You start paying attention to her, she starts putting on rouge and lipstick and putting on a corset and all this other stuff, trying to look prettier. That's what happens to players."

For readers less interested in confining their stomachs, a picture of Lee Corso.

Colgate 62 Princeton 39.

Music listened to on the drive up to Hamilton:

Silkworm "Libertine" [El Recordo]
The New Pornographers "Twin Cinema" [Matador]
Eleventh Dream Day "Eighth" [Thrill Jockey]

Colgate's sports complex has a hockey rink on the left end, a basketball gym on the right end and...

A four lane bowling alley in the middle!

(Not to be confused with Go-Gurt.)

There was a scale you could weigh yourself on repeatedly while waiting for Princeton to finally come out of the locker room.

We looked throughout Hamilton after the game ended, but we couldn't find the Tiger-Cats stadium anywhere, so we jumped back in the car and skipped town.

Music listened to on the drive back to Lawrenceville:

Mudhoney "March To Fuzz" [Sub Pop]

The next day we drowned our sorrows with homemade pizza.