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Davidson 65 Princeton 50.

box score

I've got 99 victories...

...and Duke is one.

Congratulations to Coach Thompson and the Georgetown Hoyas on their program-defining 87-84 win over the previously undefeated Blue Devils. I can't believe we weren't able to make the drive down to take it all in live. As a modest consolation Nicole and I stormed the living room at the final buzzer.

Then there was dancing.

(for more photos from the game click here.)

Cornell 57 Princeton 49.

One of my ten favorite fans at Jadwin, easy.

Friday night - fog.

Saturday night (pregame) - gale force winds.

Saturday night (postgame) - snow storm.

Sunday - locusts?

Princeton 68 Columbia 64 (OT).

It was foggy on the way into Jadwin.

The light fixtures were for the Governor Corzine's inaugural ball on Tuesday, not because of some crazy halftime show.

Tiger watches the action.

Tiger watches coaches watching the action at the other end of the court.

Staples $1.49 Clipboard RIP. 2004-2006.

(The above was accidently smashed on my knee when Princeton turned the ball over with less than a minute left in regulation.)

Field Trip! - Georgetown vs. St. John's.

Took New Jersey Transit up to Madison Square Garden on Sunday afternoon to cover the Georgetown/St. John's game and snap the following blurry photos for your enjoyment. While it was confusing to attend a college basketball game where the team I was supporting scored 43 points by halftime, I think I could get used to it.

Hoyas won 79-64 thanks to a 20-2 run in the last third of the game.


Not to scale.

Respect is back. Fear is next. Midriff is still in style.

Coach Thompson answering a reporter's question of "do you like my hat?" after the game.

Rice 52 Princeton 41.

Trying (and often failing) to watch the game on-line.

Some Rice got cooked. This made for an easier theme menu than Owl.

Judson Wallace's German Vacation.

The German Bureau (not to be confused with the Swedish bureau we purchased at Ikea) sends along the following photographs of former Princeton basketball player Judson Wallace, now a member of the Eisbaren Bremerhaven. The "Ice Bears" are 11-4 and in second place as of press time.

How do I create umlauts on this computer, exactly?

Wallace and Penn's Adam Chubb line up against each other one more time.

The Eisbaren celebrate a second straight one point victory.

Rutgers 54 Princeton 44.

It is not everyday seats are so high up that you can see down into the scoreboard.

Towards the end of the second half, I made a new friend.

From's coverage. He was called for a what?