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Blake Wilson looks like this.

Here's a reader-submitted picture of Princeton recruit Blake Wilson (#25).

Keep'm coming!

Ten years ago today.

Princeton 43 UCLA 41.

If you're going to be remembered for one photograph for the rest of your life, you could do a lot worse than this. (Sadly there are no pictures of me dancing in the parking lot while looking for our rental car, an event of slightly less significance.)

Jerry Price looks back on this game a decade later.

Two buzzer beaters, five years apart.

Kyle Wente @ Harvard - 2/10/01.

Noah Savage @ Harvard - 2/10/06.

(Click on either image to enjoy video of that game's final seconds.)

Zach Finley looks like this.

Here's a picture of 6'9" Princeton recruit Zach Finley.

More photos of next year's recruits coming as I can find them.

Princeton 60 Penn 59 (OT).

box score
postgame audio - coach joe scott, scott greenman & justin conway

I'd love to see Princeton schedule more women's/men's doubleheaders, especially for non-conference games.

Center left, dark vest, white shirt, moustache - Bill Cowher.

(Oh for a zoom lens.)

ESPNU doesn't skimp on chairs.

I have been spotted.

I have had J.J. Jumper sit on my wife.

I have made peace with J.J. Jumper by getting him/it to respect my wedding ring.

Ok, this might be the cutest thing ever.

Though it might be this.

Someone might want to tell the chef that Judson Wallace's senior night was last season.

Scott Greenman joins WPRB after the game.

Princeton 56 Yale 45.

box score : postgame audio - coach joe scott
postgame audio - noah savage : postgame audio - scott greenman

More from the all-white hotel.

Across the street from our hotel.

Practice what you preach.

Postgame battle for Greenman family supremacy.

On the drive back from New Haven, roughly five seconds after my mom said "we're making great time!" and I reminded her of the incredible power of sports jinxes, something bounced up off the road and severed our driver-side mirror off. May this be a lesson to all of you that say things like "he hasn't missed a free throw all night!" or "They can't lose now!"

Brown 61 Princeton 46.

box score : postgame audio - coach joe scott
postgame audio - scott greenman

Brown's gameplan was thorough.

Free travel mug night!

The box score says there were 1,001 people in attendance and I'd argue that the official numbers are missing a decimal point. I don't want to say there weren't people at the game, but the Brown student section could have driven to the gym in the same car. It was an antiseptic environment in which to watch a septic basketball game.

That they did.

Our freaky all-white hotel room.