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Scott Greenman diary part 1.

A few weeks ago I emailed a just-graduated Scott Greenman to see if he would be interested in keeping a diary of his upcoming trip to Australia for the Maccabi Games. Here's the first installment. Thanks so much, Scott. Your free membership is in the mail. - JS

June 26:

Hello to everyone in the Princeton Basketball family who is dedicated enough to subscribe to Jon Solomon’s excellent basketball service that is extremely devoted to Princeton Basketball and covering the program in a fair and impartial way (I swear I was not paid to say that, though now that I am no longer an NCAA athlete, it would be legal for me to accept such generosity). Of course, I am still not yet an official part of this website because I have not paid any money and am not considered a “donor”. You would think that there would be some sort of ex-player benefits for this website, but I guess not. I suppose four years of pouring out one's heart and soul to Princeton basketball and being named a first-team unanimous All-Ivy League selection is not good enough to get a free subscription to But seriously, Jon and I have developed a great relationship over the past few years and he recently asked me to write a diary/summary of the next few weeks of my life, in which I will be participating in a Jewish International basketball tournament in Sydney, Australia, and I willingly accepted.

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This past Saturday night I was named an honorary classmate of Princeton's class of 1976 at their reunions dinner for my work with Princeton basketball and 103.3 fm WPRB.

Thank you to Rosalie Norair (r), Bob Ruxin and the rest of the class of '76 for the work they put in to make this happen. I remain humbled and slightly overwhelmed by this recognition, but greatly appreciative. I shall wear my new class shirt with pride.

Now, if only someone could explain to me what a "locomotive" is...