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Bill Bradley.

YouTube wins again. Clips from an ESPNU tribute to Bill Bradley.

Princeton 43 UCLA 41.

During the 2006 NCAA men's basketball tournament, there was a feature on CBS about the greatest moments in tournament history that led off with Gus Johnson recapping Princeton's incredible win in 1996 over defending national champion UCLA. While I can't say I agree with Johnson that every Tiger played the best game of their lives that night, it is still fun to watch.

Schedule released.

Princeton's 2006-2007 schedule is out.

The games are no longer tentative.

The South Carolina game will be broadcast on CSS.

The home games versus Cornell and Penn will be broadcast on ESPNU.

The road game versus Lafayette will be broadcast on LSN.

Patriot8 will carry the home games against Rice, Rutgers, Harvard, Columbia and Yale.

Ohio State, Kent State, Alabama A&M, VMI, South Dakota State, Loyola (Chicago) and IUPUI are the other seven teams in the BCA Classic field.

You can subscribe to a shared version of the 2006-2007 schedule using iCal. Click this link and your computer should do the rest. It will update changes in game times and new television information automatically.

Here's last season's RPI for each and every possible foe...

005 - Ohio State
031 - Marquette
048 - Kent State
058 - Seton Hall
060 - Northwestern State
062 - South Carolina
064 - Iona
075 - Rutgers
087 - Manhattan
098 - Penn
138 - Loyola (Chicago)
150 - Lehigh
158 - IUPUI
197 - Yale
207 - Cornell
214 - Harvard
218 - Rice
223 - North Dakota State
231 - Marshall
258 - Alabama A&M
261 - Lafayette
273 - Brown
276 - South Dakota State
289 - Columbia
311 - Dartmouth
318 - VMI