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Seton Hall pictures.

Pictures courtesy Bill Allen '79 - NJ Sport/Action.

Tigers win the tip.

Marcus Schroeder scoop shot.

Noah Savage.

Justin Conway tied up.

Seton Hall 79 Princeton 41.

box score : audio - coach joe scott

Georgetown 74 Seton Hall 58.

box score : audio - coach john thompson
audio - jonathan wallace

Thirteen observations from The Meadowlands:

1. Coach Carril wearing a Georgetown baseball cap is something that takes getting used to. Tried to sneak a picture of this, took a photo of my lap instead.

2. I don't think I've ever seen one Big East team outrebound another 39-11. DaJuan Summers had one fewer board than the entire Seton Hall team.

3. Jeff Green's one-handed fast break alley-oop dunk was so sick most of northern New Jersey should be under quarantine.

4. Is there another Division I basketball coach who makes their entrance to the floor slapping hands with eager undergraduates before running directly into the center of the student section, screaming? I'm thinking Seton Hall coach Bobby Gonzalez is alone in this regard. Thankfully.

5. Should officials review a shot at the halftime buzzer and confirm that the ball was still in the shooter's hand after time ran out, it does not give you the luxury to keep yelling "THAT WAS A BAD CALL!!," especially if you're sitting across the aisle from me.

6. If every halftime is going to feature a karate demonstration *and* a basketball scrimmage between PAL squads from Trenton and Newark, the length of this break needs to be doubled, perhaps tripled.

7. At one point Trenton PAL has all ten of their players on the court, while Newark had but five. Somewhere, David Klatsky just got a chill.

8. Wondering what it would have been like for the Ivy League had Jonathan Wallace gone to Princeton like he originally planned is something I probably shouldn't do any more of.

9. When Wallace tugs on his jersey and motions to the bench midway through the second half to say "take me out, I'm tired" he also means "I will rest for fifty seconds then score 12 points in the last ten minutes of play."

10. If your student section is being out-cheered by a busload of Georgetown fans at the top of the arena, silence and two middle fingers in their direction is not the appropriate response, especially when it is the option simultaneously chosen by a good number of people.

11. The theme from Star Wars mixed with "jock jam" techno is not the best player introduction music a team could have, yet I'm strangely curious about trying to remember the name of the second song in this ersatz mash-up.

12. Georgetown spent Tuesday night having pizza at Conte's in Princeton. This = awesome.

13. I hope on the 29th I park on the right side of the arena. Brrrrrrrrrrrr.

Coach Joe Scott - 1/18/07.

interview audio - 33:03 editor Jon Solomon and men's basketball coach Joe Scott recorded a candid and revealing interview this week at Jadwin Gym, reviewing Princeton's 0-2 trip to New York State and discussing the exam break plans for the Tigers as they prepare for Seton Hall and the rest of the Ivy schedule.

Some of the topics discussed include:

-The Ivy League opener versus Columbia and the difference between the first ten minutes and the last thirty minutes.

-The area where Princeton is now looking to make their greatest improvement.

-How Coach Scott could have prepared the team differently before last weekend and what he thinks he should have done in retrospect.

-The loss to Cornell and the “indecision” several Princeton players showed for the first time in this game.

-What the loss of Kyle Koncz means to this team.

-What the Cornell game showed the coaches about Zach Finley.

-Why Finley is positioned where he is on defense.

-A passing reference to a player that the coaches may find some minutes for this year.

-What specifically about Cornell’s zone caused Princeton problems.

-If Coach Scott has any memories of the 1983-84 season, the last time Princeton started 0-2 in Ivy play, and if he uses any of this for inspiration.

-The schedule over the exam break, both individually and as a team.

-If Princeton looks beyond Seton Hall as they prepare to play at Yale and Brown.

-What is expected of Noah Savage with Koncz out.

-Updates on the health of both Koncz and Savage.

This interview is donor-only.

RealPlayer required.

Georgetown 68 Rutgers 54.

box score : audio - coach john thompson

Some bonus coverage for all the Hoyas fans.

Cornell 55 Princeton 35.

box score : audio - coach joe scott

Columbia pictures.

Pictures courtesy Bill Allen '79 - NJ Sport/Action.

Another for the collection of Lincoln Gunn with his mouth open.

Edwin Buffmire and his new haircut.

Luke Owings.

Marcus Schroeder.

Lincoln Gunn ties the game at 44.

Columbia 64 Princeton 56.

box score : audio - coach joe scott
audio - justin conway

Coach Joe Scott - 1/11/07.

interview audio - 19:08 editor Jon Solomon and men's basketball coach Joe Scott got together the afternoon before the start of Princeton's Ivy League schedule to review the Tigers' dominating defensive effort versus Rice and to scout the weekend's road trip to Columbia and Cornell.

Some of the topics discussed include:

-The Tigers’ great defensive communication in the victory over Rice.

-Defending Morris Almond and Luke Owings’ comments after the Rice game that Almond can’t score if the ball isn’t in his hands. Was this part of the defensive gameplan?

-The weird six minute stretch in the second half versus Rice where Princeton turned the ball over ten times in eleven possessions and what may have caused this.

-The fact that only one player in Princeton’s nine man rotation made their first shot, yet the Tigers still won by 23. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

-If practice has been going well this week.

-The health of the team and an injury to a Princeton starter that may limit their minutes this weekend.

-Other areas of concern heading into Ivy play.

-The different problems Columbia and Cornell present this weekend.

-Last year’s difficulty on the perimeter at Columbia.

This interview is donor-only.

RealPlayer required.

Noah Savage dunk.

Noah Savage dunks against Rice to put Princeton up 39-19 on Saturday afternoon.

Source images courtesy Bill Allen ‘79 - NJ Sport/Action.

Rice pictures.

Pictures courtesy of Stephen Goldsmith and Bill Allen '79 - NJ Sport/Action.

Noah Savage in the clear.

Marcus Schroeder pulls up.

Michael Strittmatter, defended.

Luke Owings on the move.

Edwin Buffmire blocks the shot.

Princeton 51 Rice 28.

box score : audio - coach joe scott
audio - justin conway : audio - luke owings : audio - marcus schroeder

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