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Coach Mitch Henderson - 2/9/12.

With a steady stream of Princeton players trickling in to Jadwin Gym in advance of a late afternoon practice, Tigers head coach Mitch Henderson and editor Jon Solomon met courtside to tape this week's interview.

Henderson and Solomon reviewed Princeton's weekend split at Brown and Yale in great detail and previewed this weekend's return home against Dartmouth and Harvard. Along the way the pair conversed about why opponents are frequently trying to ball screen Princeton in league play and if being 2-3 in conference changes this season's goals.

This exclusive Q&A is 14:00+ in length.

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Patrick Ying said,

February 9, 2012 @ 8:39 pm

Interesting talk about the proliferation of ball screens as a nationwide trend. If I'm not mistaken, the Princeton offense did not historically contain ball screens, because Carril preferred the dribble screen. My understanding was that Sydney Johnson started to integrate some ball screens into the offense starting at Georgetown, and later at Princeton. I haven't seen Princeton enough this year - is Princeton using ball screens?

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