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Dartmouth pictures.

Photos from today’s game courtesy Robert Solomon.

The Princeton band re-familiarizes themselves with Jadwin Gym.

Looks good on paper, but one of 11 consecutive misses for Ian Hummer.

Jimmy Sherburne, who had four assists against zero turnovers.

Coach Mitch Henderson on the Princeton sidelines.

Brendan Connolly goes low with the ball.

Douglas Davis flattens the basketball heading up the court.

T.J. Bray gets creamed.

Hummer still working on his shot in the huddle before the start of the second half.

Henderson gazes skyward.

Hummer with an errant jumper.

Mack Darrow reverses for two.

Connolly at the free throw line.

Well-earned hand slaps for Patrick Saunders.

Davis dribbling up the floor.

Hummer hydrates.

The band celebrates at center court.

Including this guy.

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