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"Carril Court" ceremony pictures.

Photos of Saturday night's "Carril Court" halftime ceremony. Assistance naming all of the former players in attendence would be greatly appreciated.

Pictures courtesy of Stephen Goldsmith.

Two new banners were unveiled at the top of Jadwin Gym.

Steve Mills, Bernie Stiroh, Howie Levy, John McPhee, Bill Bradley, Gary Knapp, Matt Henshon and others.

In the center of the frame, John Rodgers. To his right, Tony Relvas.

Coach Carril received a replica of the new floor.

Bill Bradley and John McPhee, blending in with a slew of former Tigers.

Coach Carril.

Your Master of Ceremonies, Princeton Athletic Director Gary Walters.

Matt Eastwick, John Berger, Tim van Blommesteyn and Brian Taylor in the background, among others.

Starting to get emotional towards the end.

Stuart Schulman said,

February 22, 2009 @ 10:37 am

In the Howie Levy/Bill Bradley photo, front left is my neighbor Steve Mills. Will pass along any further IDs once I am looking at a screen larger than my Treo.

It's a shame they couldn't win in front of this august assembly.

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