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The last time Princeton did not have an offensive rebound was...

After Princeton's disappointing home loss to Dartmouth, in which the Tigers did not grab a single offensive rebound, I was desperate to know when the last time was that the orange and black went an entire game without a second chance on the glass.

After some thorough legwork and the help of Robbie Allen at StatSheet, I have the answer!

December 30, 1998.

Honolulu, Hawaii.

Second round of the Rainbow Classic.

1:00 am ET tipoff.

Texas grabs 11 offensive rebounds.

Princeton grabs zero offensive rebounds.

Tigers still win 56-46.

That's the only other time this has happened in a Princeton game since the start of the 1996-97 season. Just one offensive board for a game has happened five times during the same span.

It is surprising that the answer comes from a team with Chris Young and Mason Rocca on the roster.

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