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Seton Hall 73 Georgetown 55.

Box Score

Postgame audio - Coach John Thompson III, Henry Sims & Jason Clark:

I've never fully understood the "o-ver-ra-ted!" chant. Don't you want the team you're beating to be as good as you expected if not better? Doesn't that say more about the school you support?

Still, such a cheer broke out half-heartedly with 2:04 left in the second half tonight in Newark with Seton Hall (19-9) up 64-49 on #8 Georgetown (20-6).

Perhaps it was deserved. The Hoyas didn't play much like a Top 10 team and Seton Hall performed like a school on the NCAA Tournament bubble desperate for a marquee victory.

Jordan Theodore was magnificent for the Pirates, scoring 29 points on 8-11 shooting including 5-5 from three point range and 8-8 at the free throw line.

John Thompson III's team was holding opponents to 38.0% shooting from the floor and 27.8% from behind the arc in Big East play but Seton Hall lit them up from all over, connecting on 8-13 threes and 61% of all their attempts.

Driving and dishing or using diagonal screens that Theodore and other shooters could curl behind, SHU frustrated Georgetown and that frustration manifested itself at both ends of the floor. No Hoyas reached double figures as a six point deficit early in the second half expanded to nearly four times that size.

In the final minute, the only drama was who would win the battle setting up next to my seat on press row. As House Of Pain's "Jump Around" blared the student section planned their storming of the court. When time expired Prudential Center security locked hands as two masses of flesh pushed into each other forming a disturbing scrum that spilled over toppling a table. Two fans who broke through were immediately tackled, one by a guard coming out of a three point football stance.

The court remained clear and while several falling on top of one another were audibly frustrated, I'm sure come the morning an 18 point victory for the home team will more than suffice.

Steven Postrel said,

February 22, 2012 @ 3:42 pm

Glad you weren't hurt in the scrum. Tough way to lose, but not a tough loss because the Hoyas re in the tournament regardless. One more reason why looking at "quality wins" by mediocre power conference teams is so bogus. The opponent s often not incentivized to fight hard for the win.

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