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Dartmouth pictures.

Photos from today’s game courtesy Robert Solomon.

The opening tip goes to the Big Green.

Denton Koon with a slam.

Ian Hummer.

Kid cheerleaders.

Doug Davis has an easy rebound.

Mack Darrow tries to get off a shot.

T.J. Bray drives.

Sideline huddle.

Davis all the way to the glass.

Coach Mitch Henderson.

John Comfort.

Jimmy Sherburne for three.

Patrick Saunders tries a hook.

Henderson with his back to the action.

Doug, the ball is BEHIND YOU.

Koon attempts the short jumper.

...followed by a "M" a "C" and an "A"

Ian Hummer.

Koon turns the corner.


Sherburne eyes a layup.

John Comfort layup.

Darrow tries to squeeze a pass down to Davis.

Clay Wilson for three.

Daniel Edwards for three!

Happy bench.

David Zeft said,

February 26, 2012 @ 7:54 pm

Great photos. Love the shots of the kids

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