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Brown pictures.

Photos from today’s game courtesy Robert Solomon.

Trying to install the replacement backboard.

Georgie Buc measures to make sure the rim is exactly 10' off the ground.

Assistant coach Brian Earl kills time talking to a referee.

From left to right: A temporary and a permanent Jadwin Gym fixture.

Mack Darrow dashes onto the court like Sammy Sosa heading out to play right field.

At last, a team huddle.

Opening tip, won by the Bears.

Denton Koon drops a pass over the Brown defense.

A remarkable windmill reverse by Douglas Davis.

Connolly eyes the rim.

Dear John Comfort and all other Princeton players considering a dunk. Please turn to face my dad when throwing it down. It would really help a lot.

T.J. Bray.

Connolly is guarded by the smaller Tyler Ponticelli

Davis going up with a layup attempt.

Koon bodied inside.

Coach Mitch Henderson in the huddle.

Darrow is open outside.

In late, Chris Clement.

Koon fighting his way through.

Freshman big man Bobby Garbade.

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