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Last (for now) batch of classic Princeton photos.

Mondays have become a good time on this site to look into the past, and the previous three weeks that has meant scanning photographs from the archives of David Zeft.

This is the last stack that Mr. Zeft loaned to me and includes shots from between 1981 and (roughly) 1993. Click on any scan to enlarge.

Above, Kit Mueller with a righty hook during Princeton's December 1990 victory in the championship game of Iona's on-campus Manufacturers Hanover Classic.

Eight more images after the jump. I'll need help identifying a number of players in some of the team celebrations. That's where you come in!

Rich Simkus celebrates with a bottle of champagne after an Ivy League title for the Tigers. I'd guess this is circa '83.

Rick Hielscher at Jadwin Gym.

The first of two post-title celebration photos. Your 1982-83 Ivy League champions. I see Howie Levy and Kevin "Moon" Mullin signaling with a single digit, their faces obstructed. Feel free to ID anyone else you recognize in the comments.

One year later. Joe Scott is front and center (#4) with Kevin "Moon" Mullin shirtless to his left and John Smyth one over from him. Is that Levy over Mullin's left shoulder? Who else do you spot?

Neil Christel driving versus Columbia.

Another #41, John Smyth. One of five freshmen to score over 300 points in a season (along with Doug Davis, Kit Mueller, Spencer Gloger and Chris Young), Smyth left the team prior to his senior season.

Dave Blatt at the free throw line.

To close, one more of Mueller.

Stuart Schulman said,

March 5, 2012 @ 3:51 pm

Here are my best ID guesses

82-83 celebration
Shirtless in front: Gordon Enderle
#4 is Gary Knapp
Arm around Gary is either Dave Sawczuk or Billy Ryan
Net around his neck: Isaac Carter
Tallest in the back is Simkus, looks like he is standing next to John Smyth

Next pic:
Curly hair at the very right of the photo is Rob O’Reilly
#11 is Pagano
To the left of Joe Scott looks like Isaac Carter and to his left is Ken Cline
Framed by Cline’s arm looks like Aaron Belz

Above Pagano is Sawczuk and above O'Reilly is Ryan--unless I have them reversed.

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