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Robert Solomon's Penn pictures.

A second series of photos from today's game courtesy Robert Solomon.

John Comfort is introduced.

Doug Davis gets a head rub from Tom Noonan.

Davis and Coach Mitch Henderson pose.

The three seniors, who went 14-0 in conference play at home their final two years.

One more huddle.

At least this guy isn't beating a plastic Santa Claus anymore.

Everyone loves their Doug Davis Senior On A Stick.

Ian Hummer.

Mack Darrow.

Brendan Connolly is bothered inside...

...which had to make this reverse all the more rewarding.

Patrick Saunders somehow got this shot to go.

Trying to pop Jimmy Sherburne's shoulder back in place.

Davis is stripped on a drive.


I'll ask so you don't have to: Where can one get a pair of those socks?

A rare moment where Georgie Buc isn't working.

Coach Henderson in the huddle.

A seriously iced Sherburne.

Hummer hits at the line. Since Ivy play began the junior is converting 73.9% of his attempts.

Karen Saunders and Jennifer Johnson.

Davis comes out of the game one last time.

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