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Coach Mitch Henderson - 3/9/12.

Tigers head coach Mitch Henderson and editor Jon Solomon were able to squeeze in an interview today at Jadwin Gym discussing the final three games of the regular season against Yale, Brown and Penn.

A bigger picture look at the year as a whole will follow after the postseason concludes but on this afternoon the pair reviewed this trio of victories in great detail.

Amid the conversation Solomon and Henderson also talked about if Denton Koon had to fight through the proverbial "freshman wall," the delay prior to Saturday night's game, deciding to start all three seniors against Penn, something Henderson learned during his first season at the helm, if attempts are being made to lobby the NIT for a bid and how the team is using their time before matchups are revealed on Sunday night.

This extended, exclusive Q&A is 20:00+ in length.

If you have questions for future interviews, please feel free to send them here.

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