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Saturday News:

Brian Kanof

The first time I saw Oregon State (18-18) play this season, I could not believe how bad they were.

A bizarre assemblage of misfits and spare parts, their starting lineup would have made more sense at an open casting for a "Major League" sequel on the hardwood.

The seven foot Dutchman who was under the mistaken impression he was a point guard.

The scraggly Sasquatch of a power forward with the long, stringy hair.

The mohawk-sporting guard ripped from the front of the first Fishbone record.

Yet somewhere along the preseason, after a putrid offensive debut at Howard and a one point home loss to Yale, the Beavers began to morph from a punchline that couldn't shoot straight and might not win a Pac-10 game for the second consecutive season into a basketball team.

This turnaround was completed last night, 361 days after Craig Robinson was hired, as Oregon State silenced a sellout crowd of 12,000+ in El Paso and defeated UTEP to win the second annual College Basketball Invitational's best of three finals. 81-73.

Center Roeland Schaftenaar, who was booed loudly every time he touched the ball during both games away from Corvallis, was named the MVP of the tournament, scoring 12 points, grabbing seven rebounds and handing out seven assists from the top of the key.

The same Beavers that couldn't score back in November went 12-19 from behind the arc and shot 56.5% for the game, claiming the first postseason title in school history.

In other news, Oregon State coach Craig Robinson was part of a piece on NPR's Marketplace yesterday afternoon called "Hoop Lessons For The Economy."

Portland Beavers outfielder Will Venable was profiled on the program One on One with Jane Mitchell. Looking for video on this one.

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