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Orange Jumpsuits.

They arrived shortly before tipoff at the Frank Erwin Center, claiming they had driven straight from Princeton to Austin, Texas without stopping, save for essential gas station pitstops and a quick Taco Bell drive-through.

Just outside of their destination these seven Princeton undergraduates quickly switched into their outfits for Princeton's 1990 NCAA Tournament game versus Arkansas - seven identical orange jumpsuits.

The above photograph ran on the back page of the Austin American-Stateman on Sunday, March 18, 1990 as part of a larger photo essay capturing the flavor of the weekend's games.

The caption reads:

"Nah, can't be...or can it? These Princeton students - yes, Ivy Leaguers - suited up in hunter fluorescent orange, hoping for a big kill."

The accompanying article quotes a Princeton student named Rob English clocking his just-completed NJ to TX drive in a 1983 Ford pickup as "Twenty-six hours, 43 minutes and six seconds" door-to-door, with a stop 10 minutes away from the arena to crack a champagne bottle over the vehicle's hood when it passed 100,000 miles.

Pictured in the second row - Steve and Pam from The 14 Club wearing headbands and a 16 year old me just to their left sporting my tried and true baseball cap. Click to enlarge.

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