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Saturday News:

Princeton's first exhibition in Spain was a 76-66 loss to Assignia Manresa. A full box score can be viewed here.

The Tigers led 26-24 after a fast-paced first quarter, but were outscored 18-10 and 19-15 in the following two stanzas, even with their hosts 15-15 over the final 10 minutes.

Ian Hummer reportedly played quite well tallying 21 points and six rebounds, recording a game-best value of 23. Will Barrett had 13 puntos and seven rebotes, but also committed seven of the Tigers' 25 turnovers.

Neither T.J. Bray or Jimmy Sherburne saw the floor for Princeton so guard duty was handled by Clay Wilson (3), Chris Clement (5) and Denton Koon (6).

Tomorrow afternoon in Spain the Tigers will face C.B. Prat from the country's LEB Plata.

The ACB and PDR sites have more on the game, with both articles already translated for your convenience. CollegeBasketballTalk adds some thoughts as well.

Pete Carril is interviewed at length about how the "Princeton Offense" might work for the Los Angeles Lakers.

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