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Throwback Thursday: late 60s & early 70s media guides.

"Throwback Thursday" is back for a third straight week and this time out we've scanned covers and select pages from inside four late 1960s and early 1970s Princeton media guides.

Four decades ago these guides were not the glossy, full color, 200+ behemoths they eventually developed into. Heck, they weren't even called "media guides." The oldest of these documents is little more than a small, possibly photocopied pamphlet.

That said, each has a certain understated, simplistic beauty - though they've got nothing on the mid-1970s Princeton media guides I won on eBay last year which are nearly works of art.

(Don't worry, you'll see'm soon enough.)

Click on any image to enlarge.

First year head coach Pete Carril and team captain Joe Heiser.

Brief player profiles for the 1967-68 Tigers.

John Hummer (#44) and "Jeff" Petrie (#45) on the cover of 1969-70's press information.

Coach Carril provides a varsity outlook.

Senior Bill Sickler (#31) graces the front of the 1970-71 guide.

After leading the freshman team to a 17-0 record, Brian Taylor made his varsity debut this season.

A fisheye image of action at Jadwin adorns the top of a list showcasing the nine members of Princeton's 1,000 Point Club.

Taylor, the pride of Perth Amboy, earns the cover as a junior.

Roger Gordon was a classmate of Taylor's and is still involved with many different coaching staffs that draw ties back to Princeton.

From behind the basket, Jadwin Gym looks to be well-beyond capacity.

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