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Throwback Thursday: Late 70s & early 80s programs.

Hello and welcome to this week's "Throwback Thursday." After the jump you'll find 14 separate scans spanning 1979-1982, culled from seven different programs including player profiles and some vintage ads. Click on any image to enlarge, and feel free to share related memories in the comments or on our forum.

The first of two Rich Simkus profiles.

Senior guard Steve Mills.

Mills is also profiled inside.

Randy Melville.

A feature on freshman guard Bill Ryan.

Any thoughts of who this player is? #12 isn't on the roster for 1979-80.

This program's profile is on Johnny Rogers.

The first of three programs from the 1981-82 season. That's Kevin "Moon" Mullin.

An article on Craig Robinson appears to confuse a different Princeton student for his sister.

Bill Ryan.

Bill Bradley leads the Ivy League's "Silver Anniversary" team.

A jumper from Rich Simkus.

The second Simkus profile.

30 years down the line, two advertisers in this program remain local institutions.

Mike Knorr said,

October 12, 2012 @ 9:49 am

Regarding the #12 on the dec. 10, 1979 program cover. This picture is in the '79 - '80 media guide by the recap of the '78 - '79 season. Jim Tuman, a freshman in '79 - '80 is listed as wearing #12 but I don't remember him and I doubt that his picture would have been on a program cover that early in his 'career'. Roger Schmitt, a senior in '78 -'79, wore #12 that year so it's probably him.

Mike Knorr said,

October 12, 2012 @ 9:53 am

Of course, that doesn't explain why he would be on a program cover the year after graduating.

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