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Wednesday News:

The Daily Princetonian published their season preview today, including a comparison of seniors Ian Hummer and Niveen Rasheed.

There's also an Associated Press league preview out.

A top big man is deciding between Georgetown and North Carolina.

This afternoon is Media Day at Jadwin Gym. If you have any questions for select players or Coach Henderson, either email me or add them in the comments and I'll try my best to ask them on your behalf.

George Clark said,

November 7, 2012 @ 11:32 am

I think what we see in most of the pre-season predictions is "conventional wisdom." It is hard to imagine any reputable analyst picking Harvard in view of what has happened in Cambridge. Considering the players who have graduated elsewhere in the League and the fact that Hummer is returning, the Tigers are the "logical" choice to win the League. We know the stockpiling of talent that Amaker has achieved and we know how motivated the Crimson will be to prove the prognosticators wrong. I think most observers of our League expect the title to be decided in the last week, maybe in the Palestra on March 12. For us to have a chance, not only do we need to replace Davis and Saunders, but Sherburne as well. Bray has had injury issues and will have very little time to adjust to a new running mate. Not only will he have to run the show, but he will need to take on a significant part of DD's offensive contribution, at least in the early going. I love our chances but I am certain that, if we are successful, it will be the result of things no one can predict on November 7.

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