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Coach Mitch Henderson - 11/8/12.

Princeton head coach Mitch Henderson and editor Jon Solomon met at Jadwin Gym this afternoon before practice to record a wide-ranging interview in advance of the Tigers' season opener at Buffalo.

Henderson and Solomon discussed a long list of topics including but not limited to: specific returning players, depth in the backcourt, overall health, replacing Douglas Davis, two late additions to the Tigers' roster, the status of Ben Hazel's return, if there's someone on the team people aren't talking about that people should be talking about, the weight on Ian Hummer's shoulders, Princeton's pair of scrimmages, the best thing that could happen to Hans Brase, differences in the squad before and after the trip to Spain and finally the orange and black's first two games of the season.


This exclusive Q&A available after the jump is 22:00+ in length.

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