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Everyone gets in.

In the final 34 seconds of Princeton's victory at Lafayette a number of Tigers saw their first varsity minutes - including Ameer Elbuluk (#12), Edo Lawrence (#33), Issac Serwanga (#25) and Mike Washington Jr. (#13) - so I decided to pick up my camera and film the action.

Not the most scintillating video ever shot but it does commemorate a big moment for four members of the roster.

larry said,

November 26, 2012 @ 1:23 pm

At the 3:39 mark there was a time out, we had a 16 point lead, and the starting team remained on the court. My thought was the coach had a play or two that he wanted to run in a game situation. Observation: the hardest working person on the court was Coach O'Hanlon. He tried every rotation and match-up available. No quit in him.

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