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Cyber Monday News:

Since today is "Cyber Monday," a reminder that if you click on any of the Amazon links on our site as your entry point to, we receive a commission on everything you order, no matter what it is. If you're a frequent Amazon user, bookmark this link for all your future purchases and support in the process!

The Full-Court Press runs back Princeton's victory over Lafayette.

There's a lovely write-up built around Saturday's contest on the Mid-Majority.

Princeton Alumni Weekly looks at some familiar trends to start the non-conference schedule.

A well-belated season preview of the Tigers also ran today.

Kareem Maddox had 16 points in Newcastle's BBL Cup first leg semifinal victory over the Plymouth Raiders. Maddox records a pair of dunks in these highlights from a different game versus Cheshire.

Avellino ended a three game losing streak with Dan Mavraides contributing eight off the bench.

Joe Burton scored a career high 21 as Oregon State (4-1) defeated Montana State, 78-65.

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