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More Fordham pictures.

In addition to the images Robert Solomon captured during yesterday's game, Stephen Goldsmith was courtside shooting for the Town Topics.

Stephen offered to share some of his pictures here as well and who was I to turn him down?

Brian Fabrizius warming up.

Ditto Edo Lawrence.

On the sidelines for the last time as Princeton's trainer, Jen Lister.

A Will Barrett jumper.

Hans Brase inside.

T.J. Bray with the ball.

Some concerned faces on the Princeton bench.

Chris Clement.

Ian Hummer extended high in the air.

Denton Koon.

Brendan Connolly.

Bray uses a Brase screen.

Bobby Garbade is open for three.

Head coach Mitch Henderson.

Brase scores to his right.

Another view of Hummer's final drive.

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