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Tuesday News:

Ian Hummer was named Rookie of the Week in the latest Ivy Weekly Men's Basketball Report.

A career high 35 points and eight three pointers versus North Carolina A&T earned Northwestern freshman Drew Crawford the title Big Ten Player of the Week.

More accolades! Georgetown big man Greg Monroe was rewarded as Big East Player of the Week.

Andy Glockner has a piece on the Sports Illustrated web site about Coach Mooney and Richmond.

From the vault, here's a article on Sydney Johnson and his brother that ran in the Baltimore Sun after Princeton defeated UCLA in 1996.

TigerBlog offers his? their? its? a take on Jerome Allen coaching against Sydney Johnson.

If you're curious, read the official Penn press release about Glen Miller's dismissal.

David Lewis said,

December 15, 2009 @ 11:22 am

I hope Jerome Allen has success at Penn. I glad there has been no gloating on this site (unlike the Penn board), since we, too, have seen the abyss. Ivy basketball is much more interesting when Penn and Princeton are successful. I think it makes sense for Penn to name a former star player like Allen for the head job. He has a great rapport with the players, has a passion for Penn basketball and will be able to sell it when he recruits. My only question is the timing. Should Ivy schools replace a head coach in any sport in the middle of the season? Does it send the right message of what Ivy sports should be about? Penn fans say yes because of the "special place" the basketball program holds. I think that view is arrogant and misplaced. Penn fans have a ridiculous sense of entitlement - that believe that they should always win the league or else world civilization is going to fail. In great years, Penn fans on their board have mocked the league and asked if they should even be in it. Why should basketball be any more important at Penn than at any other Ivy school? Why shouldn't other Ivy schools taste success? Do you think Princeton would have ever fired Joe Scott in the middle of the season? I doubt it.

Jon Solomon said,

December 15, 2009 @ 12:06 pm

My primary surprise with Allen's interim hire is that he has a grand total of seven games of coaching experience, all as Penn's third assistant.

That being said, he's taking over at the right time (next game, December 28) and with two of Penn's projected starters due back from injury soon, he's going to have a potentially better pool to pick from than Miller had.

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