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Plus/Minus numbers through 10 games.

The Princeton athletic department was kind enough to quickly fulfill my request for plus/minus numbers on each of the Tigers through last night's game versus Wagner.

This chart shows the number of minutes played across the first 10 games this season and the difference in points scored by Princeton while each player was on the floor versus points allowed by the Tigers during the same span.

Player            Minutes           +/-
Hummer            204:02            +41
Mavraides         285:30            +24
Comfort           2:58              +0
Foley             2:22              +0
Barrett           102:24            -1
Maddox            48:01             -1
Connolly          19:48             -2
Sherburne         9:55              -5
Saunders          163:44            -7
Lake              90:41             -9
Schroeder         355:30            -12
Buczak            279:49            -18
Finley            104:35            -23
Davis             303:03            -24

Princeton has scored 556 points to date, allowing 564 points.

As for individual single game highs and lows, Patrick Saunders was +19 against Lafayette and Pawel Buczak was -23 at Cal.

The most successful lineup combination?

Nick Lake, Marcus Schroeder, Dan Mavraides, Will Barrett and Ian Hummer, who were +17 in 11:35 together.

The least successful five? Lake, Schroeder, Zach Finley, Mavraides and Buczak, combining to go -19 in 20:04 of play.

The combination that has played the most together? Schroeder, Mavraides, Buczak, Davis and Saunders. Over 73:25, they're +3.

Glenn Morris said,

January 1, 2010 @ 9:09 am

It's good to know that this measurement is being employed and while numbers don't tell the entire story---see Schroeder's above for example--the most minutes played and appearing on both the most and successful combination---these provide a good jumping off point. Carry this one step further by dividing the +/- number by minutes played.

How long has the staff been compiling this?

Jon Solomon said,

January 1, 2010 @ 10:14 am


I knew you would like this! Not sure how long Stats Inc. has been able to compile +/-. It is a fairly new feature of the "industry standard" program.

While I don't have numbers divided by minutes played, I do have +/- divided by 40 minutes.

Hummer +8.04
Mavraides +3.36
Barrett -0.39
Maddox -0.83
Schroeder -1.35
Saunders -1.71
Buczak -2.57
Davis -3.17
Lake -3.97
Connolly -4.04
Finley -8.80

Robert Eisenstadt said,

January 1, 2010 @ 11:36 pm

It would be interesting to correlate turnovers per minutes played by the various lineup combinations. Which 5s take care of the ball the best and which 5s turn it over the most? My guess is that the turnover ratio is highly correlated to the +/- for points scored and allowed.

Question: Is an offensive foul scored as a turnover? It has the same effect- we do not put up a shot and the other team gets the ball.


Jon Solomon said,

January 2, 2010 @ 1:12 am

Yes, offensive fouls are scored as turnovers.

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