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Tuesday News:

MCCC vs. Essex - 2:00 pm ET

In case you missed it, the above screencap of Craig Robinson behind President Obama went viral yesterday. Robinson also spoke to The Grio in advance of the inauguration.

There's the "can beat anyone, can lose to anyone" cliche and then there's Georgetown (13-4). 48 hours after going down at cellar-dwelling South Florida, the Hoyas went on an 18-0 second half run to glide past Notre Dame on the Irish's floor. ND had won 47 of their prior 49 home games.

Fairfield (10-10) lost their fifth straight, 65-60 to Loyola (Md.)

Steven Postrel said,

January 22, 2013 @ 8:55 pm

It fascinates me how each of the coaches you follow seems to have a "fingerprint" in how his team wins games.

JTIII's guys upset Notre Dame by D-ing them up all over the floor (holding them 10 percentage points under their FG% average and a pathetic 2/16 from three) and getting 30/37 defensive rebounds; on offense they had 19 assists on 24 field goals and 5/22 offensive rebounds.

Denver beat Utah State giving up a much higher shooting percentage but having a huge turnover and points off turnover advantage on defense; on offense they shot a ton of threes at high accuracy and assisted on a high percentage of their baskets.

Northwestern got slaughtered on the boards vs. Illinois (giving up 13 offensive rebounds on 30 missed Illinois shots while only getting 3 ORs on their 19 missed shots), but made 13 more free throws and shot over 50% from three.

I don't feel like going into the time machine to find a Fairfield win, but I'll bet it looked somewhat like a JTIII win--tough FG% D and good rebounding--but with fewer assists on offense. To be sure, he is still playing some key guys he didn't recruit, so the fingerprint may be smudged as yet.

I'm still getting a bead on MH's winning fingerprint, but it looks like it's tending toward high shooting percentages on offense with lots of assists per basket, solid rebounding on both ends, low opponent three-point baskets made, pretty high opponent FG%, more FT attempts than the opponent, and both teams at a low TO rate with neither having a big advantage.

Jon Solomon said,

January 22, 2013 @ 9:05 pm

Per Pomeroy...

The highest-ranked Carril Cradle offense is Richmond (64th).

The lowest-ranked Carril Cradle offense is Fairfield (182nd).

The highest-ranked Carril Cradle defense is Georgetown (10th).

The lowest-ranked Carril Cradle defense is Richmond (158th).

Only only school is in the Top 100 in both categories...

Denver (72 O, 34 D).

Steven Postrel said,

January 23, 2013 @ 12:39 am

Thanks, Jon. I guess Princeton is middling in everything.

Look out for Denver, which is on a big roll

Odd for Richmond to be so much better on O than D--Mooney's previous teams were pretty nasty on defense and sometimes looked like they had to rely on one or two guys to generate their offense. I wonder if he's still using the matchup zone that worried opposing coaches, and if so, if this team is still learning how to execute it.

Jon Solomon said,

January 23, 2013 @ 9:10 am

As a point of comparison, Princeton is 125th offensively, 77th defensively.

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