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Brown pictures.

20 great photos from today's game courtesy Robert Solomon.

Obligatory pregame huddle shot.

Some new kicks for Denton Koon, I believe.

Hans Brase drives on Cedric Kuakumensah.

Ian Hummer draws a deserved amount of attention from the Brown defense.

Will Barrett with a block.

Mack Darrow.

Coach Mitch Henderson.

Bray drives on a perplexed Sean McGonagill.

Will Barrett with a beautiful reverse attempt.

Brase tries a jump hook.

(Both these shots are so nice, let's ignore the fact neither went in.)

Bray fire a one-handed pass.

Chris Clement, who had his first field goal since November 24!

Clay Wilson provided nine decent minutes off the bench.

Koon is cut off.

About the only thing Bray did wrong all night was obstruct his own face on a photo of a three point try.

Ian Hummer jumps into the lane.

Coach Henderson looks to draw the attention of someone out of frame.

The official obscures a portion of a lovely shot of a Bray slash.

Final score.

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