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Goucher pictures.

Photos from today's game courtesy of Stephen Goldsmith.

Coach Johnson kneels on the Princeton sideline.

Douglas Davis scrapes the roof of Jadwin Gym.

Marcus Schroeder - Six assists. Four steals. No turnovers.

Dan Mavraides goes to the hook.

Patrick Saunders.

Pawel Buczak.

College is a time for experimentation, right? For several Princeton players, the two+ week exam break was a time to experiment with facial hair. Bobby Foley's beard was the thickest of the lot.

Brendan Connolly gave him a run for his money.

Davis enters the lane.

A clean-shaven Ian Hummer.

Inside the huddle.

John Comfort.

Mack Darrow scored his first collegiate points, 2-4 from the floor in five minutes of play.

Foley's first shot off the bench was on the mark.

Guest color commentator for today's radio broadcast, Noah Savage.

Saunders scores off glass.

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