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Marcus Schroeder - career steals leader?

Perusing the Princeton athletic department's game notes in advance of this weekend's games versus Columbia and Cornell, I noticed that guard Marcus Schroeder is climbing the charts for both most career assists and most career steals.


413 William F. Ryan, 1981-84
381 Christopher J. “Kit” Mueller, 1987-91
358 John R. Thompson III, 1984-88
304 Mitchell G. Henderson, 1994-98
280 Sydney A. Johnson, 1993-1997
270 Nathan W. Walton, 1996-2001
265 Marcus Schroeder
263 Brian W. Earl, 1995-99
260 Armond G. Hill, 1975-76
253 William D. Venable, 2001-2005

With a minimum of 10 games left in his senior year, Schroeder (3.3 assists per game this season) has an outside chance of becoming just the fifth Tiger to record 300+ assists.


169 Sydney A. Johnson, 1993-97
167 William F. Ryan, 1981-84
167 George H. Leftwich, 1988-92
156 William D. Venable, 2001-05
144 Gabriel E. Lewullis, 1995-99
144 Joseph W. Scott, 1984-87
142 Mitchell G. Henderson, 1994-98
142 Marcus Schroeder
140 Brian W. Earl, 1995-99
136 Armond G. Hill, 1975-76

Schroeder (2.1 steals per game) also could make a run at Coach Johnson's career steal mark if the right number of strips, deflections and official scoring decisions go his way between now and his final game.

Rodney Johnson said,

February 11, 2010 @ 6:52 am

Reggie Bird was a great theft artist. Career stats would suffer because in those days freshmen did not play varsity. Did they even keep records of steals in the 68-72 era?

Jon Solomon said,

February 11, 2010 @ 1:14 pm


Steals records go back through the 74-75 season.

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