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Coach Joe Scott - 1/4/07.

interview audio - 20:03

In their first interview of 2007, editor Jon Solomon and men's basketball coach Joe Scott talk about Princeton's 57-46 victory over Iona and preview the final non-conference game before Ivy League play begins, this Saturday's contest at Jadwin Gym versus Rice.

Some of the topics discussed include:

-Princeton’s success against Iona and what Coach Scott liked about how the game was played.

-If the Tigers did what was expected of them while they were away from campus for a few days over the holidays.

-How practice has been going since then.

-Justin Conway’s two big three point shots versus Iona and how Coach Scott shows his players he hasn’t lost confidence in them when they’re struggling in a particular aspect of their game.

-How Princeton could avoid having so many seemingly open point-blank shots end up blocked.

-Marcus Schroeder leading the nation in minutes-per-game, if he can keep up this pace and if this is something the coaching staff wants him to do.

-Rice, and the nation’s leading scorer, Morris Almond. Does a player like Almond make it difficult to create an effective scouting report?

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