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Penn pictures.

Photos from today's game courtesy Robert Solomon.

The Quaker can't look. Ben Franklin, on the other hand...

Hans Brase.

Brendan Connolly gets the start and wins the opening tip.

Ian Hummer rising for a(n incredibly blocked) dunk (attempt).

An acrobatic T.J. Bray.

Much respect to anyone willing to wear orange pants into The Palestra.

Hummer looking to drive.

Bray cuts backdoor to start the second half.

Brase is cut off.

Coach Mitch Henderson.

Hummer with the ball.

Former team manager Lawrence Schuler in the stands.

Chris Clement starts a drive.

One of three shots from outside by Mack Darrow.

Hummer fights for a call.

A great play by Clement to ward off his man and score late.

Bray starts a drive.

Denton Koon can't believe he didn't finish a layup while being fouled.

Hugs and high fives for Hummer as he leaves the floor for perhaps the final time.

More shoes (and reflections thereof).

George Clark said,

March 13, 2013 @ 8:24 am

Thank you, Mr. Solomon, for creating photographic evidence of my attendance. I'll give you the $50 when I see you at the NCAA tournament. When I suggested that it was hard not to look a little silly when your school colors are orange and black, your observation that, "You would look silly in any colors" gave me a real boost. Aside from this photo your work adds tremendous depth to Jon's writing. You are as much of part of what this site produces for the Tiger family as anyone. Keep it up.

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