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Selection Sunday News:

Fairfield will head to a gym Princeton already visited in December for their first round CIT matchup.

What sort of fallout could Northwestern face from Bill Carmody's departure?

One columnist is already calling for an AD to pursue Carmody for an open coaching position in the midwest.

An Internet Prime Directive is DON'T READ THE COMMENTS but these words from a Wildcats season ticket holder hold food for thought.

Newcastle lost their fourth straight home game, but you have to see this wild shot from Kareem Maddox.

A pair of Princeton games made a countdown of the 75 greatest games in NCAA Tournament history.

Back tonight with some brackets!

Steven Postrel said,

March 17, 2013 @ 1:10 pm

Re Newcastle: Is it just me, or does Fabulous Flournoy sound like a Damon Runyon character?

Re Carmody: Already fans complaining in the comment section of that Drake article that his style would put fans to sleep. Also Drake's last coach earned about 25% of Carmody's NU salary. But I guess anything's possible.

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