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Brown pictures.

Photos from today's game courtesy of Stephen Goldsmith.

Will Barrett can't finish inside.

Students, dressed up.

Kareem Maddox soars to the rim.

Marcus Schroeder.

Coach Johnson argues a call.

Ian Hummer.

Dan Mavraides, double teamed.

Pawel Buczak triple teamed.

Douglas Davis.

Coach Johnson and Ian Hummer.

Schroeder drives to bring Princeton within one.

Maddox inside.

Assistant coach Scott Greenman.

Zach Finley, nose bloodied late in the game going for a loose ball.

Schroeder fouled trying to tie the game in the final seconds.

Davis tries to bring Princeton within one in the final second. Notice Garrett Leffelman's hand on the ball, meaning the Tigers should have been given possession.

Happy birthday, dad. Sorry about the game.

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