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Monday News:

The Ivy League announced they will be launching a conference-wide digital broadcast network. This is great news, but I'm curious how much the statement "streams will come from the schools' own production teams" shall expose the different levels of production value and video quality available from the top to the bottom of the conference.

Kareem Maddox got the chance to play at Wembley Arena, but Newcastle fell to Leicester in the BBL playoff final.

This press release about Mitch Henderson's involvement with the American Cancer Society's Cancer Prevention Study-3 is the first time I can recall his sharing the passing of his mother in January publicly.

Chris Mooney was victorious over Shaka Smart in The Coaches' Cook-Off.

Starting with providing his first break a decade ago, Mooney has played a significant role in the coaching path of Kevin McGeehan, the new head man at Campbell.

Princeton's Chris Clement talks about bench etiquette for Game Changers Live.

Oregon State guard Ahmad Starks will transfer closer to home to be near his ailing grandmother.

George Clark said,

April 29, 2013 @ 9:54 am

Jon-your post is my first notice of the sad news regarding the passing of Mitch's mother. Typical of him to turn personal grief into something positive for others who need help. Our community is fortunate to have him. The digital-broadcasting release is most welcome news, especially if the quality of the product improves. I guess we ought not expect the play-by-play people to do much better. We have been spoiled at Princeton, that's for sure.

Jon Solomon said,

April 29, 2013 @ 10:03 am

I agree Princeton is at the top of the list broadcaster-wise.

My point is more that if one school offers HD-quality multi-cam broadcasts and another offers up just a pixelized 480 resolution "coach camera" with the scoreboard superimposed, the gap will be rather noticeable.

I believe the MAC and the NEC have some common base level standards for their league-wide broadcasts and I hope that can be achieved here.


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