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Monday News:

Princeton recruit Amir Bell is ready to lead his senior season.

The exact location has yet to be announced but Georgetown will play Oregon in the Armed Forces Classic this November. Hoya head coach John Thompson III guested on ESPN 980 recently, talking about Otto Porter's draft prospects, Roy Hibbert's development and other topics.

While in town for Reunions, Craig Robinson spoke with the Daily Princetonian.

I'm guessing T.J. Bray doesn't need to see another tennis racquet for a good while.

Ian Hummer worked out with the Phoenix Suns and has at least four more workouts scheduled. This brief evaluation of Hummer's skills is a fair one.

Tiger assistant Marcus Jenkins took part in the NCAA-Black Coaches and Administrators Achieving Coaching Excellence Program.

John Poole said,

June 10, 2013 @ 3:08 pm

Bell sounds like a real winner - the kind of complete, athletic player that we, too rarely, get. We need at least one more player of his caliber to compete with Harvard's overflow of talent. Are there any other possibilities in Bell's class?

Steven Postrel said,

June 24, 2013 @ 7:03 pm

Even discounting for high-school hype, Bell does sound special. Still not looking for instant miracles, though.

The Hummer scouting report seems a bit grudging to me, although it neatly summarizes the critique of him as a pro. If he can develop a consistent 15-17-footer and a decent three-point shot I think he could be a Boris Diaw type or a much shorter Kevin Love type. I think an improved jumper is very doable for Ian and he could then become a matchup problem for opponents. The big concern for him is really on the other end of the floor--who can he guard? He's very strong for his size, but I don't know if he can wedge professional fours and fives out of post position. And I don't know if he can guard wing threes 15-20 feet from the basket.

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