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Brian Taylor reception pictures.

Photos from last night's postgame reception honoring Brian Taylor courtesy of Stephen Goldsmith.

Taylor was presented with a framed #14 jersey.

Director of Basketball Operations Martin Bahar and Sean Gregory.

Coach Carril tells a couple anecdotes.

Jimmy Lane and WPRB color commentator Noah Savage.

Remarks from Coach Johnson.

Steve Mills and John Rogers flank the man of the hour.

Princeton team manager Lawrence Schuler, Kareem Maddox, Kevin Steuerer and assistant coach Scott Greenman.

A study in checkered dress shirts - Patrick Saunders, Marcus Schroeder and Zach Finley.

Frank Sowinski.

Taylor gives Johnson a good natured hard time at the dais.

Coach Carril watches with pride.

Jesse Rosenfeld, Coach Johnson and Jason Osier.

Taylor delivered a lengthy speech about going "from the projects to Princeton."

The 2009-10 squad with Brian Taylor.

Former players I spotted at the event but who are not pictured: George Leftwich, Jamie Mastaglio, Neil Christel, Howie Levy, Rich Simkus and Matt Eastwick. I'm sure there are a couple dozen more, which you are encouraged to ID in the comments.

Will Scott said,

March 8, 2010 @ 6:51 pm

I recognized John Berger '74, Andy Rimol '74, Mickey Steuerer '76, Pete Molloy '76, and Bill Omeltchenko '78.

I also chatted with Fred Perkins '58 at the afternoon tennis match.

Will Scott '77

Jon Solomon said,

March 8, 2010 @ 6:55 pm

Thanks, Will! I completely blanked on Berger, even though I saw his nametag. Perhaps now I can make sure I remember how to spell Andy Rimol's name. He was also recognized by Taylor during the night.

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