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Who was the kid on the sidelines?

As Princeton lined up for the national anthem on Saturday night, there was someone new on the sidelines. Someone noticeably smaller than the rest of the Tiger roster wearing orange and black.

You might have missed him in the long shadow of 6'10" Will Barrett as the Princeton ROTC presented the colors, but 10 year old Christian Regulski of Robbinsville, NJ shouldn't go overlooked.

Christian was paired with the Princeton men's basketball team by the Friends of Jaclyn Foundation, an organization that matches a child who has a pediatric brain tumor with a nearby sports team.

The Tigers "adopted" Christian for the game. He was on the bench as Princeton warmed up the game and he joined the team for handshakes with Harvard after the final buzzer.

Coach Johnson spent a quiet moment with Christian on the Jadwin floor one-on-one before heading to the locker room.

"Our team's connection with Friends of Jaclyn stemmed from our players wanting to connect with people in our community beyond the basketball court," Johnson said. "We couldn't have guessed that Christian and his family would touch us so much. He's a really good kid, a funny kid and he's got a ton of courage."

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